29+ Top-Paid Fictional Characters According to Critics, Ranked

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| LAST UPDATE 08/29/2022

By Jacqueline Vaughan

The most loyal movie fans may be able to recall every detail about their favorite characters, but they likely don't know which are the wealthiest. According to critics, these are at the top of the ranks…

37. Cruella de Vil - $875 Million

This 65-year-old woman was well adjusted to a life of luxury. From birth, she was gifted with every material item she desired. Developing a love and collection of fur coats, she was a true fashion icon.

Wealthiest Fictional Characters RankedWealthiest Fictional Characters Ranked
Walt Disney Studios via YouTube

The notorious villain of 101 Dalmations was born to stand out. Inheriting significant wealth from her parents didn't stop her from doing whatever she needed to get her hands on more. Yes, she stole Dalmatian puppies - but she did it in style, riding off in her red and black Mercedes-inspired car!

36. Lucille Bluth - $950 Million

Mrs. Bluth was one of a kind. With a glass of alcohol in her hands at all times, speaking her mind came naturally to her. It wasn't just her cup that was always full to the brim - her bank account was nicely stacked too. The hilarious character from Arrested Development received million-dollar heritage funds from her husband.

Lucille Bluth Netflix ActressLucille Bluth Netflix Actress
20th Century Fox Television/Kobal via Shutterstock

While she ran a questionable real-estate business on the side, she spent most of her time happily spending her husband's fortunes. Her favorite item to splash out on was, of course, alcohol, frequently purchasing the Cloudmir imported vodka from Newport Beach.

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35. Jay Gatsby - $1 Billion

How did Jay Gatsby earn his title as the Great Gatsby? Well, he bootlegged alcohol and fake stocks and faked it till he made it. Despite his most genuine intentions, he went about achieving them more dishonestly. His mind was laser-focused on becoming rich, and he didn't care how he got there.

Jay Gatsby Net WorthJay Gatsby Net Worth
Moviestore via Shutterstock

Gatsby was not born into his fortune, born into a low-income family of farmers in North Dakota. At age 17, he left the life he knew, seeking a life of parties and riches. After meeting a "multi-millionaire yachtsman" named Dan Cody, he was more convinced of the American Dream than ever before. Safe to say, he made it happen.

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34. Chuck Bass - $1.1 Billion

Chuck Bass was the one and only heir to the Bart Bass real estate empire, quickly placing him on this list. With his obnoxious ways and entitled personality, the Gossip Girl playboy took some time to steal our hearts. A teenager intensely focused on money and girls, he had a lot of growing up to do.

Gossip Girl Chuck BassGossip Girl Chuck Bass
Patrick Harbron/Cw Network/Kobal via Shutterstock

From a young age, he knew his father had "more towers than Trump and more bucks than Bloomberg." With this in mind, he splashed the cash on whatever he desired. Although there were some questionable investments along the way, he did his dad proud, becoming a successful businessman in his own right.

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33. Lady Mary Crawley - $1.1 Billion

Lady Mary Crawley oozed class and money. The effect of the former on the latter meant she was not one to boast about her wealth or discuss her earnings in any way. She inherited her wealth from a long line of Crawleys, motivating her to keep it in the family and not spend it unnecessarily.

Lady Mary Crawley WealthLady Mary Crawley Wealth
Jaap Buitendijk/Focus/Kobal via Shutterstock

After losing her husband and being placed in charge of the Downton and Grantham Estates, Lady Mary knew better than to flaunt her prestigious position. "Don't put it all in one stock, ask for a raise… and beware of the gold-diggers," she would be heard saying. Downton Abbey fans know she did everything with elegance!

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32. Mr. Monopoly - $1.2 Billion

Any fans of the Monopoly board game will immediately understand how Mr. Monopoly (A.K.A Rich Uncle Pennybags) achieved his billion-dollar net worth. He was the owner of the entire board, after all! Investing in real estate in Atlantic City, he made his way to the top by recognizing and investing in high-value assets.

Mr. Monopoly Game Money Mr. Monopoly Game Money
Collegehumor via YouTube

Mr. Monopoly was always looking for the next property to buy and could recognize the perfect time to sell one of his existing assets. Investing in houses and hotels in places around the globe, he became a "symbol of extreme wealth, capitalism, and greed." He enjoyed "watching his fortune come in at the expense of others."

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31. Lara Croft - $1.3 Billion

Like many on this list, Lara Croft was given a head-start in life by being born into a wealthy, aristocrat family in London. Privy to the tricks of the trade, she was well-educated on how to go about achieving her goals. Within a few years, she was a renowned explorer, on the hunt for treasures and more.

Lara Croft Angelina MovieLara Croft Angelina Movie
Alex Bailey/Lawrence Gordon/Mutual Film/Paramount/Kobal via Shutterstock

In the eyes of her family, she took her adventures ways too far when she abandoned her morals and became a "skilled thief." After resultingly disowning her, Croft was left to fend for herself. As she successfully uncovered numerous ancient valuables, she yielded the benefits, building up a sizable fortune on her own.

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30. Walden Schmidt - $1.3 Billion

Walden Schmidt may have had all the money in the world, but from looking at him, one would never know. After building a website as a teenager and selling it to Microsoft, the Two and a Half Men character had successfully set himself up for a carefree future.

Ashton Kutcher Schmidt SheenAshton Kutcher Schmidt Sheen
Warner Bros Tv/Chuck Lorre Prod/Kobal via Shutterstock

Deep into his adult years and still the relaxed, laid-back teen he once was, he may have done himself a disservice by setting up his fortunes so early on in his life. Living with his friend, Alan Harper, Schmidt had no reason to get his act together, avoiding any adult responsibilities that might come his way.

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29. Charles Montgomery Burns - $1.3 Billion

As a result of a successful technology exchange with the leaders of North Korea, Charles Montgomery Burns was given the means to purchase the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. With this position came a significant amount of money and power, turning Burns into an "evil, devious, and greedy" person.

Famous Character Simpsons BurnsFamous Character Simpsons Burns
WatchMojo.com via YouTube

The ultimate villain of The Simpsons used his wealth and power for evil. When he wasn't bullying his assistant Waylon Smithers Jr., he was putting the fear of God into the children and adults of Springfield. Although he will deny it, his expulsion from the billionaire camp led him to lose a portion of his fortune.

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28. Tywin Lannister - $1.8 Billion

Inheriting a sizable fortune from his gold-mine-owning family, Tywin Lannister's money and power made him the most powerful and influential person in the North of Dorne. He may not have been the official King, but even the reigning monarch himself knew that was merely a technicality.

game of thrones lannistergame of thrones lannister
Zurik23M via YouTube

Even without the royal status, the Game of Thrones leader flexed his wealth in a bid to control the biggest gold mine in the seven kingdoms and finance the nation's needs. He was also happy to splash the cash on an army of 30,000 men in an effort to defeat The Riverlords.

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27. Artemis Fowl - $1.9 Billion

In just twelve years, Artemis Fowl managed to achieve more than many do in a lifetime, becoming a criminal mastermind and earning the title of "the smartest person of his generation." For as long as he could remember, he was stealing valuable artifacts, eventually discovering an underground world of the armed and dangerous.

Richest Disney Child StarsRichest Disney Child Stars
Disney via YouTube

The child genius may have seemed like a hero on the surface, as he fought to earn back his family's fortune, but deep within, he was a true villain. After discovering the 'Hostage Fund of Fairy Gold,' he seized the opportunity by kidnapping fairy Holly Short and demanding a ransom. Cruel but effective.

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26. Gomez Addams - $2 Billion

Gomez Addams was the proud patriarch of the Addams Family. To care for his family, he did what he needed to bring in the money, going through a range of business ventures till he made it big. Starting on Wall Street, he then found success in investing in animal farms, salt mines, uranium mines, and more.

Gomez Addams Family WealthGomez Addams Family Wealth
Melinda Sue Gordon/Paramount/Kobal via Shutterstock

Due to their father's smart investing, the Addams family had more than enough money to go around, living a life of financial stability. A billion dollars for an intergalactic getaway? No problem. Besides, they could always sell their gigantic mansion if times got hard!

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25. Sir Topham Hatt - $2 Billion

While working for the railway may not immediately scream outrageous wealth, being the controller and mastermind behind it apparently paid very well. As the North Western Railway was utilized by all the industries on the Island of Sodor, its leader, Mr. Hatt, had all the power.

Richest Fictional Character ForbesRichest Fictional Character Forbes
Thomas & Friends via YouTube

The Railway Series character practiced a tough yet kind approach with his clients and engines. Even when a train was late or slacking, he rarely lost his temper! Unfortunately for Dr. Hatt, the wealth he had acquired from his position was not put to good use, as the Island offered a more simple life.

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24. Thurston Howell III - $2.1 Billion

Prior to being washed up onto Gilligan's Island, Thurston Howell III had made a great fortune for himself. An innovative and successful businessman, he established Howell Industries and earned billions. Combined with the money he inherited from his father, he had the means to purchase 12 companies.

Gilligans island Mr. Howell Gilligans island Mr. Howell
FactsVerse via YouTube

Castaway on this unknown island, Howell did not know if he would ever return to his life of luxury. With maids, butlers, chefs, and gardeners, he hadn't done manual labor for years and was not looking for this to change on the island. He relaxed while the Gilligans worked, promising them a piece of his fortune for their efforts.

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23. Christian Grey - $2.5 Billion

Christian Grey was more than just good looks - he was overwhelmingly wealthy too. At just 27 years old, he was already the CEO of his company, Grey Enterprises, an investment and manufacturing firm. When it came down to the nitty gritty finances, Grey was earning a whopping $100,000 per hour.

Christian Grey Net WorthChristian Grey Net Worth
Moviestore via Shutterstock

With an estimated net worth of $2.2 billion, according to Forbes, Grey had the world at his fingertips. He chose to invest his earnings into a range of industries, including hair salons, publishing houses, Audi cars, helicopters, and penthouses. He was also happy to spoil his girlfriend, Anastasia Steele.

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22. The Tooth Fairy - $3.9 Billion

We’re surprised the Tooth Fairy can still fly, considering the heavy bucks she’s carrying in her pockets. The mythical creature, and subject of many children’s dreams, has earned a fortune for herself by collecting teeth. Starting in 1200 in Northern Europe, she has long been there to swap out teeth for petty cash.

Julie Andrews Richest CharacterJulie Andrews Richest Character
Foxvan Prods/Kobal via Shutterstock

Most information about the tooth fairy’s identity has been securely kept under wraps. In fact, it’s possible the fairy isn’t even a woman! All we know is there must be more than one fairy to keep up with the high tooth supply! According to Forbes, they’ve earned $3.9 Billion over the years.

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21. Forrest Gump - $5.7 Billion

As with most things in his life, it's possible Forrest Gump was blissfully unaware of the wealth he had accumulated through his various investments. As an ambassador for a Chinese ping-pong paddle company, an Apple Inc. shareholder, and The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company owner, he had "more money than Davy Crockett."

Tom Hanks Forrest GumpTom Hanks Forrest Gump
Paramount/Kobal via Shutterstock

The fact that Forrest became a successful businessman, despite his learning disabilities, was the true takeaway from the film. His inspiring determination to live a fulfilled life, regardless of the challenges thrown at him, led the audience to root for him till the end. A fortune well earned.

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20. Richie Rich - $5.8 Billion

He may be the youngest entry on this list, but that is no reflection of his net worth value. Richie Rich was brought into this world with wealth and success handed to him on a gold platter. Being an only child, his parents’ tragic passing meant he inherited his father’s entire estate and Rich Industries.

Macaulay Culkin Career MoviesMacaulay Culkin Career Movies
Silver/Davis/Kobal via Shutterstock

Going against the 'spoilt rich kid' cliché, Richie used his money wisely and kindly. Rather than splashing out on unnecessary gadgets and luxury items, he chose to follow his parents' philanthropical ways and give back to his hometown of Harveyville. Richard Rich Sr. would have been proud of his son!

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19. Adrian Veidt - $7 Billion

Like many on this list, Adrian Veidt (A.K.A. Ozymandias) was born into wealth. What set him apart from the rest was that he chose to abandon it in the hopes of one day achieving success entirely through his own hard work. This Watchmen character wanted to become the first superhero to come from humble beginnings.

Adrian Veidt Ozymandias WatchmenAdrian Veidt Ozymandias Watchmen
Warner Bros/Dc Comics,Kobal via Shutterstock

He more than achieved what he set out to do. Not only did he become a superhero as planned, but he also set up Veidt Enterprises, a manufacturing company that made him $7 billion, according to money inc. Despite his controversial approach to achieving world peace, he did make it into the superhero billionaire club.

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18. Carter Pewterschmidt - $ 7.2 Billion

When Peter Griffin married into a wealthy family, he got all the disadvantages without any of the perks. Lois's father, Carter Pewterschmidt, was the typically strict and stern rich father figure seen in every movie. After setting up a successful steel corporation, he accumulated a $7.2 Billion fortune, according to money inc.

Carter Pewterschmidt Family GuyCarter Pewterschmidt Family Guy
FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

However, unlike in the movies, the strict wealthy father was not looking to share his wealth with his daughter. In fact, he wasn't looking to hand it over to anyone, certainly not charity! As entertaining as he was, Carter was seen as the villain figure amongst the Family Guy cast, selfishly keeping to himself.

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17. Willy Wonka - $8 Billion

Willy Wonka, of course, made his fortunes through the ownership of his unique chocolate factory. The immense popularity of his sweet treats allowed him to reach high levels of success and fame, taking his earnings into the billions. After a brief factory closure, the innovator re-opened the gates for the golden ticket experience.

Willy Wonka Gene WilderWilly Wonka Gene Wilder
Wolper/Warner Bros/Kobal via Shutterstock

As a kid, Wonka was forbidden candy. This ferociously fueled his dream of becoming a chocolate factory owner, with the ability to eat and hand out the treats he was once unable to eat. Once established, he let his imagination run wild, creating everlasting gobstoppers, fizzy lifting drinks, and the famous Wonka Bar.

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16. Jabba the Hutt - $8.4 Billion

Jabba the Hutt was known as "the wealthiest gangster in a hundred worlds." This Star Wars character set himself up for a life of crime, doing what he needed to do to instill fear into everyone around him, the Republic and the Empire included. To him, fear equaled control.

Jabba Hutt Star WarsJabba Hutt Star Wars
Lucasfilm/Kobal via Shutterstock

Considering there was no crime he believed was too brutal or inhumane, he more than earned the fear and power he so desired. With complete control over planet Tatooine, Jabba profited from every business exchange that took place - slavery and the black market included. According to money inc., this is how he became a billionaire.

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15. Gordon Gekko -$8.5 Billion

The audience learned many life lessons from the 1987 movie Wall Street. A film about the stock market and money, it was an educational experience, taking us deep into the financial world. The takeaway message was perhaps more sinister, with its main character Gordon Gekko championing that "greed is good."

Wall Street Gordon WealthWall Street Gordon Wealth
20th Century Fox/Kobal via Shutterstock

For Gekko, no sum of money would satisfy him. Even when his company, Gekko & Co., earned him billions of dollars, he wanted more - and there was very little he wouldn't do to get it. Although he was incarcerated briefly for insider trading and fraud, he never learned from the experience, going straight back to his criminal ways.

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14. Bruce Wayne - $9.2 Billion

Bruce Wayne, A.K.A. Batman, had two things working in his favor when it came to picking up the ladies: not only was he the greatest superhero in Gotham City, but he was also the wealthiest bachelor in town. At just eight years old, after his parents' passing, he inherited his father's billion-dollar company, Wayne Enterprises.

Bruce Wayne Batman WealthBruce Wayne Batman Wealth
Warner Bros Entertainment via YouTube

Bruce knew how to live rich in style. Splashing out on the ultimate bachelor pad, he called it 'Wayne Manor' and kitted it out with gadgets, the latest technology, and of course, the Batmobile. That being said, he was also passionate about helping those less fortunate, doing what he could to protect the citizens of Gotham City.

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13. Jed Clampett - $9.2 Billion

Jed Clampett, the main character in the '60s television series The Beverly Hillbillies, was not born wealthy. Nor did he work incredibly hard to create a valuable enterprise. So how did he reach a net worth of $9.2 Billion, according to money inc.? In a surprising twist of luck, Clampett accidentally became rich.

Jed Beverly Hillbillies WealthJed Beverly Hillbillies Wealth
Silver Screen Collection via Getty Images

A day like any other, Jed was off on a hunting expedition when he discovered a secret fortune he'd been sleeping on. For all these years, he'd been unknowingly living on a property that was rich in oil. The valuable commodity effortlessly turned him into a billionaire and the wealthiest fictional hillbilly in history.

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12. Lex Luthor - $10.1 Billion

Supervillain, Lex Luthor, was confident he had what it takes to bring Superman down. Yes, he was going up against a world-renowned superhero without any superpowers of his own, but according to money inc., he had a lot of cash - $ 10.1 Billion, to be exact. That's gotta count for something!

Lex Luthor Superman SupervillainLex Luthor Superman Supervillain
Moviestore via Shutterstock

Deeply believing in the famous sentiment that "there's nothing money can't buy," he set out to purchase his victory. While we know very little about how Luthor made his millions, we're told he was a self-made genius billionaire. Shame he used his brains and wealth for evil and not good.

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11. Charles Foster Kane - $11.2 Billion

As seen with many before and after him, Charles Foster Kane's financially unstable upbringing motivated him to work hard and ensure a more prosperous future for himself. The universe, however, decided to do the job for him when his family literally struck gold in a mine. With this, The Kane Empire was born.

Citizen Kane Cast CharacterCitizen Kane Cast Character
Bettmann/Contributor via Getty Images

After purchasing The New York Inquirer, Kane poached writers from other companies and utilized yellow journalism and sensationalism to create profits. Thirty-seven newspapers, 13 magazines, and a radio network later, Charles Foster Kane was now the head of one of the biggest media companies in the world.

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10. Tony Stark - $12.4 Billion

Tony Stark, A.K.A. Iron Man was just like his co-superheroes regarding his life path. After inheriting his father's company, Stark Industries, he fell into a $12.4 Billion net worth, according to Forbes. What set him apart from the rest, however, was his brain. With two master's degrees, he was the smartest of the Avengers.

Tony Stark Ironman ForbesTony Stark Ironman Forbes
Marvel/Disney/Kobal via Shutterstock

Combining his genius brain and sizable fortune, he created some astonishing and groundbreaking inventions that he used in the fight against his enemy, Iron Monger. In addition to his Iron Man suit, he made specialized armor and gadgets. It wasn't all for him, though - he often donated to charity!

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9. Mom - $15.7 Billion

Mr. Burns may be the poster child for evil rich cartoon characters, but there's a far more evil spirit in the animated world named Carol Miller. The Futurama character, known as Mom, took cruelness and wealth to a whole new level, outshining the Simpsons villain in more ways than one.

Futurama Cartoon Villain CarolFuturama Cartoon Villain Carol
IMDB - Futurama (1999) via Fox Television Animation

With zero regard for who she hurt along the way, Mom viscously fought her way to the top and established herself as the CEO of MomCorp. A globally successful industrial company responsible for producing many of the world's most innovative robots, Mom now had unprecedented power and $15.7 billion in her bank account.

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8. Ming The Merciless - $21 Billion

It's in the name: Ming The Merciless had no mercy on anyone but himself. The Emperor owned and administered his own planet, Mongo, accumulating his $21 Billion fortune through the "interplanetary slave trade." In all other regards, he kept his planet away from Earth, using his army, power, and wealth to do so.

Wealthiest Fictional Characters ForbesWealthiest Fictional Characters Forbes
Universal/Kobal via Shutterstock

The Flash Gordon villainous leader used his cash to purchase the latest and most advanced gadgets on the market. From rocket ships to robots, he had it all. Ultimately, he and his daughter, Princess Aura, were defeated by Flash Gordon and Dale Arden. Money isn't everything, folks.

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7. Oliver 'Daddy' Warbucks - $36.2 Billion

Annie's adoptive father put the bucks in Warbucks through his work as a defense contractor. What he lacked in hair, he more than made up for with brains and wealth - accumulating a net worth of $36.2 Billion, according to Forbes. After the war, he continued to work as an industrialist until he transitioned into philanthropy.

Annie Daddy Warbucks CharacterAnnie Daddy Warbucks Character
Moviestore via Shutterstock

With his daughter Annie now his top priority, he focused more on being a good father than closing business deals. The "harsh businessman's" heart had been softened, and he donated billions of dollars to various charities. On the side, he continued to supply weapons to the government, topping up his billions nicely.

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6. Carlisle Cullen - $46 Billion

Being alive for 343 years, Carlisle Cullen had more than enough time to figure out the tricks of the trade. The Twilight patriarch made wise investments in 1670, setting him up for a luxurious, never-ending life. He has also had some spare time to become a talented doctor, practicing to this day.

Carlise Cullen Twilight ActorCarlise Cullen Twilight Actor
Movieclips via YouTube

Over his century-long existence, Carlise picked up some other skills and talents along the way. Benefiting greatly from property compound interest, he set up multiple other businesses. Additionally, as a vampire, he didn't need to fork out on essentials like food, drink, and medical bills. That left more money for the fun stuff!

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5. Santa Claus - $51 Billion

If he'll be handing out gifts to every child for the rest of time, Santa Claus better have some money saved to pay for them. According to Forbes, his net worth is $51 Billion, so that should be enough to keep him going for a while. As the head of a toy factory with 5,000 elf workers, he does well for himself.

Wealth Christmas Santa ClausWealth Christmas Santa Claus
Michael Gibson/Netflix/Kobal via Shutterstock

Mr. Claus uses his billion-dollar fortune to bring smiles to kids' faces all around the world. He also likes to spend money on things that will make his life easier, such as a rocket-powered candy cane scooter to easily maneuver around the factory and a magical flying reindeer sleigh for fast, traffic-free travel.

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4. Flintheart Glomgold - $52 Billion

Despite being the fourth top entry on this list, Glomgold is actually not the wealthiest duck on record, outranked by Scrooge McDuck. Coming from South Africa, where he became highly skilled in diamond mining, Glomgold's overwhelming desire for money and gold often caused him to abandon his morals.

Flintheart Glomgold Cartoon WealthFlintheart Glomgold Cartoon Wealth
Disney Channel via YouTube

He made a significant portion of his money when he won a bet against his ultimate competitor Scrooge McDuck. He credited the rest of his worth to his ruthless, cunning, greedy approach to money-making and his willingness to break the law when necessary. If there was an immoral shortcut to the top, he was taking it!

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3. Smaug the Dragon - $54.1 Billion

Smaug the Dragon slept on his wealth, and we don't mean that metaphorically. Throughout the film's entire duration, The Hobbit antagonist chose to hide out inside Erebor, resting on his piles of money to protect it. According to Forbes, these riches had a total value of $54.1 Billion.

Smaug Dragon Hobbit WealthSmaug Dragon Hobbit Wealth
Movieclips via YouTube

As a dragon, he didn't have to work too hard to earn this fortune. He simply showed his terrifying face and intimated the dwarven city of Erebor into handing over the riches they had stored in the mountains. Of course, he didn't have much to spend the money on, but perhaps he just wanted to make it onto this list...

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2. Scrooge McDuck - $65.4 Billion

He may be less famous than his nephew, Donald Duck, but Uncle Scrooge McDuck is far wealthier. Starting as a shoe-shiner, he then moved to the US to search for the American Dream. Here, the Scottish duck dug for gold in the Klondike. Saving every penny he made, he then turned them into an empire.

Scrooge McDuck Disney WealthScrooge McDuck Disney Wealth
daveleedownunder via YouTube

A true rags-to-riches tale, Scrooge worked incredibly hard for his success. Finally setting up his own business as a mine and mill owner, he then watched the billions trickle in. For a long time, Scrooge held the title of the wealthiest Disney character. That was until Disney bought out Marvel…

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1. T'Challa - $90.7 Trillion

To say T'Challa is the richest of all fictional characters would be a gross understatement. With a Forbes estimated value of $90.7 Trillion, he's worth more than all the other characters put together! As the King of Wakanda, a fictional African country, he owned its world-exclusive supply of Vibranium.

T'Challa Black Panther ForbesT'Challa Black Panther Forbes
Moviestore via Shutterstock

With control over 10,000 tons of the rare strong metal valued at $10,000 per gram, he never needed to work another day in his life. The Black Panther star already had incredible physical strength, so he spent his trillions on high-tech, water-walking suits, which also protected him from kinetic-type attacks.

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