'You' Star Tati Gabrielle Talks Dating and Red Flags

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| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Joyce Ballard
Tati Gabrielle talks You
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Season 3 of Netflix's hit show You premiered on October 15th, and the newly released episodes brought some fresh faces with them. We're obviously already loving Marienne, Joe Goldberg's latest obsession, and the actress who plays the on-screen librarian is just as cool IRL. Lucky for us, Tati Gabrielle just revealed some of her real-life dating red flags.

You Season 3 Cast
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First of all, bad news, ladies: according to Tati, getting spoiled by a significant other isn't as cute as we might think it is at first glance. "I think it's a big red flag when men want to take care of you too much, like when they want to spoil you to the nth degree," she told People. "When they don't necessarily give you the space or freedom to be independent or self-empowered."

Tati Gabrielle interview, You
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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star continued, "To me, that's a huge red flag, whether it means that he's going to be a psycho like Joe Goldberg or just be super misogynistic or super controlling, I think that's the first of many red flags in that regard." Duly noted, boss. On a totally different note, Tati also opened up about which scene from You's Season 3 is especially meaningful for her.

Tiny spoiler alert: in the latest season, Gabrielle's on-screen gal Marienne has a monologue where she discusses the "Missing White Woman Syndrome." The scene addresses a real-life happening where the disappearance of white women is prioritized and publicized significantly more than the thousands of unsolved cases of missing women of color. Tati discussed how elated she was that series creator Sera Gamble and others addressed this issue.

You, Missing White Woman Syndrome
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"This is something, to all communities of color, that is not new," Gabrielle said. "So when I first read that line and first read the episode, I was like, 'Yes! Okay, yeah. Let's freaking talk about this!' And I very much appreciate Sera and our writing team for that being something that was so fully addressed and not shied away from even a little bit. Yeah, it really excited me and made me grateful that I was able to speak on such a matter that is, clearly, not new."

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You Season 4, Tati
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Tati also gave a little insight into her personal wishes for Marienne since You was renewed for yet another season shortly before the latest release. "I just hope that Marienne truly does find her happy ending and her happily ever after," she said. "I want Marienne to foil Joe at some point or to expose him in some way. But I don't know what they're planning for the next season. So, I'm just excited to see what they give her."