Suki Waterhouse Opens Up About 'Gossip Girl' Dig

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| LAST UPDATE 08/03/2021

By Danielle Mejia
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HBO's new Gossip Girl reboot has made waves for its supposedly progressive spin on The CW classic. But for Suki Waterhouse, the show hasn't lived up to its woke reputation, and she had something to say about it.

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The 29-year-old model was the punchline of a dig that appeared in the third episode of the new HBO Max series. The scene that upset Suki so much involved Luna trying to coach Zoya into upping her fashion game in order to catch the attention of her crush, Obie. "When are you going to get it?" Luna rhetorically asked Zoya. "As far as the press is concerned, he's R-Patz and you're Suki Nobody." And as you could possibly imagine, the line didn't go over too well for Suki Waterhouse...

suki waterhouse deleted tweets
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"Another day to be reminded that women can also be the patriarchy," the British model, actress, and singer tweeted. She even went so far as to tag the show's Twitter account in addition to the writer, Lila Feinberg. "Seeing critiques of the patriarchy and sexism, then I get name-checked as somebody's nobody girlfriend. Make it make sense," she added before removing the comments from her timeline. The international model was clearly upset by the hypocrisy shown in the third episode. The show was praised as a more politically correct and modern twist on the early 2000s installment, yet they had reverted to some pretty outdated low-blows in Waterhouse's opinion.

Despite causing some serious waves on Twitter with her Gossip Girl call out, Suki's tweets were nowhere to be found on the app, minus some screenshots floating around. And while neither @gossipgirl nor @lilafein have yet to respond, others on Twitter have shared their take on the whole situation. "So suki waterouse called out the gossip girl reboot for the obvious as she should, after all didn't the producers say that the characters were not going to shame each other the way the original gg did? how is it ok to shame actual human beings who are not just some characters?" one user wrote.

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