SKIMS Accused of Photoshopping Tyra Banks

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| LAST UPDATE 04/08/2022

By Zoe Browning
Tyra banks skims photoshop
Ian Tuttle / Stringer via Getty Images

Kim Kardashian's brand SKIMS has recently come under fire for allegedly photoshopping Tyra Banks's body in their latest campaign. The 'Fits Everybody' collection's photoshoot was deemed iconic since it included some of the most infamous models in the industry including Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Candace Swanepoel, and Alessandra Ambrosio. But unfortunately, despite the praise it first received, fans have noticed that the photos may have been altered... leading to lots of backlash. Here's the scoop.

An unedited photo surfaced on the internet, which caused the claim that heavy editing was done on the pics. More specifically, on the former America's Next Top Model host. The SKIMS' collection was described as "best sellers for everybody." So fans were confused as to why they would intentionally change the real shape of Bank's body? "These pics are stunning, but Tyra looked so gorgeous naturally, and this editing is so bizarre and unnecessary?" one user questioned on Twitter. Another wrote, "Tyra seems to be a victim of extreme photoshop in this one - where did her body go?" under a pic of the 48-year old modeling the line's bodysuit.

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A popular Instagram page named @problematicfame, which is known for exposing celebs and discussing the beauty standards that Hollywood sets, also commented on the accusations. "Appalled to see the amount of photoshop done to Tyra Banks' body in Kim Kardashian's new Skims and campaign." They tried to understand how photoshopping can "endorse any sort of body positivity or inclusivity?" 

tyra banks skims photoshop
Michael Loccisano / Staff via Getty Images

SKIMS has yet to respond to the accusations. But despite the criticism and backlash, the model did reveal that before joining the campaign, she spoke both with the brand representatives and Kim herself. "Kim reached out to me, and we had a beautiful heart-to-heart conversation about the campaign," she said during an interview with Vogue. "I've respected her business savvy for quite a while; after that call, my respect grew to an even greater level." Banks then discussed her feelings about SKIMS main focus: shapewear. "I'm a fan of anything that helps women feel fierce and fabulous," she explained. "I've used shapewear in many moments throughout my career, other times opting to go au natural, but ultimately I believe the empowerment is in having the option. I admire Kim for bringing fashion to shapewear and making it so sexy and bad***."

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