Selena Gomez Takes the White House!

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| LAST UPDATE 05/22/2022

By Danielle Mejia
Selena gomez White House
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for MTV Entertainment

At this point, is there anything that our girl Selena Gomez can't do?! Just days after rocking her very first Saturday Night Live hosting debut, the talented celeb headed over to the nation's capital to talk about a topic near and dear to her heart: mental health. Here's what went down at the iconic event.

It all went down at the first-ever Mental Health Youth Action Forum, where Gomez was selected to not only appear but host the event in its entirety. It was set up by MTV Entertainment and aimed to get people from all walks of life to start tackling the growing mental health crisis, which impacts the lives of more than 30 percent of teenagers in America. But Selena wasn't the only one brave enough to get on stage and make her piece, she was also joined by huge names in pop culture like Andy Samberg and even the first lady, Jill Biden! And while it was no easy topic to cover, Gomez got on stage and poured her heart out for millions to hear.

selena gomez white house
Tasos Katopodis / Stringer via Getty Images
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"I felt like once I found out what was going on mentally, I found that there was more freedom for me to be OK with what I had," the 29-year-old actress confessed. "Bringing attention to mental health through media or just talking about your own journeys can help. It sets the example that it's a topic that can and should be discussed freely and without shame." The Only Murders in the Building star then went on to share her dream outcome for those struggling. "I want to ensure that everyone, no matter their age, their race, religion, sexual orientation, has access to services that support their mental health," she continued. It was safe to say that Selena drove some important points home during her speech, and she was joined by dozens of community leaders leading the fight for mental health care in the country. Talk about inspiring!

We're sending major love Selena's way as always, and you can hear more about what she had to say in the video linked above. Stay tuned for more inspiring celebs fighting for what they believe in - coming soon!

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