Rosalía Talks About Her Upcoming Feminist Album

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| LAST UPDATE 11/19/2021

By Joyce Ballard
Rosalia Rolling Stone Interview
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If you somehow haven't heard yet of the Latinx icon that is Rosalía, it's time to play catch up before the Grammy-winner's next album comes out. The Que No Salga La Luna singer announced earlier in November that her upcoming record, titled Motomami, will be released sometime in 2022. And now, she's given fans an inside scoop on what to expect. Spoiler alert: it's gonna be feminist AF.

Rosalia New Album, Song
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Rosalía talked about all things music and feminism in her recent interview with Rolling Stone as their November cover star. The artist acknowledged the misogynistic themes in the often male-dominated music industry and said that she would be "very happy, perhaps, if this record [Motomami] provides a counterbalance" to that sense of patriarchy.

"I haven't always found female figures who write in a rawer way, particularly in music or Spanish folk music. It's easier to find those figures in English music rather than Spanish music," she explained. But the 28-year-old clarified that misogyny in the music industry isn't just an issue specifically in reggaeton; it's a "reflection of society."

Rosalia The Weeknd Song
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"I also believe it's not only a reggaeton issue. It's a reflection of society. If this is happening in music, it's because there's something happening at a social level, in the real world," Rosalía said. "So, we better ask ourselves what is going on and what we still have to do in that regard," she added.

Rosalia El Mal Querer
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And big feminist vibes aren't the only thing awaiting us in the talented star's upcoming album. She said that her new songs will have "a sense of risk and excitement overall." And it's safe to say the expectations are high considering the success of her last record, El Mal Querer, which got Rosalía nominated for two Grammys and won Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album.

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And we've already gotten more than a taste of what Motomami will bring: last week, Rosalía debuted her first single from the new album titled La Fama. The track marks the second time the Latinx star collabs with The Weeknd, as the two previously featured on Blinding Lights remix.