Reese Witherspoon’s Empowering Media Company Sells for Almost $1 Billion

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| LAST UPDATE 08/05/2021

By Jessica Lopez
Reese hello sunshine sale
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What, like it's hard? It's been 20 years since we first fell in love with her as Elle Woods, but this Legally Blonde boss lady just ticked off another major accomplishment. Hang on while we break down the actress's latest deal, which had her pocketing almost $1 billion...

Reese witherspoon hello sunshine
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It all started on Tuesday, August 3, as Reese Witherspoon took to Instagram to announce some pretty major news: "What a tremendous day!" the actress revealed. Why? As she proudly continued, her media company, Hello Sunshine, recently sold for about $900 million. Yes, really. But that hefty paycheck isn't the only cause for celebration here.

"We’re taking a huge step forward by partnering with @blackstone, which will enable us to tell even more entertaining, impactful and illuminating stories about women’s lives globally," the actress explained: ever since its founding in 2016, her entertainment company has been devoted to spreading female empowerment - "to empower women and the people who celebrate them. One story at a time."

Reese witherspoon company sale
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Safe to say, from Little Fires Everywhere to The Morning Show to everything in between, Witherspoon's passion project has accomplished exactly that. But while the company might be welcoming an exciting new chapter, its story is actually just getting started. In fact, Hello Sunshine is currently in the process of penning some pretty groundbreaking adventures for the rest of us...

Reese witherspoon hello sunshine
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Of course, included in such is Legally Blonde 3, which is slated to hit the big screen next summer. And with Mindy Kaling scripting the third installment? Expect several new, empowering moments (including lots of legal jargon, of course). "There are so many iconic moments in [the movies] that we have to come up with our new version of that," Kaling told Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen of the upcoming sequel's script.

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But while we'll have to wait some time before we get to watch Elle Woods make her long-awaited return to the courtroom, we've got lots of other gems to tide us over in the meantime. Including, of course, Mindy's Never Have I Ever (which you can catch here, by the way).

Stay tuned. And of course, big congratulations to Miss Witherspoon: "We did it!"