"What, Like It's Hard?" Reese Witherspoon Celebrates Legally Blonde's Anniversary

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| LAST UPDATE 07/14/2021

By Jessica Lopez
Legally blonde elle woods
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While exercise might give you endorphins (and endorphins make you happy, by the way), we've actually got Reese Witherspoon's latest post to thank for our current smile. The actress just took to Instagram to honor Legally Blonde's latest anniversary - and you're going to want to check out the emotional tribute for yourself. Keep scrolling.

Legally blonde Movie anniversary
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"Omigod you guys ….#LegallyBlonde premiered 20 years ago TODAY!" the blonde beauty reflected of the coming-of-age comedy. That's right; it's been 20 years since we first met Elle Woods. Then again, "Time flies when you're busy using legal jargon in your every day life," as Witherspoon perfectly put it.

After rehashing some of our favorite Legally Blonde memories, the actress then took a moment to share her heartfelt appreciation. "Truly... playing Elle Woods was the role of a life time," Witherspoon continued. "I'm so honored to have been a part of sharing her story with you all - every meme, graduation cap, musical number, halloween costume and bend & snap."

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Legally blonde reese witherspoon
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While her time at Harvard Law has since come to an end, Elle's reign in the courtroom will never be forgotten. Aside from teaching us the first cardinal rule of maintaining a perm, the iconic character taught us a priceless lesson: that we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. After all, "What, like it's hard?"