Olivia Rodrigo Opens Up About Industry Pressures

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| LAST UPDATE 10/15/2021

By Danielle Mejia
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For anyone who's been keeping up with Olivia Rodrigo over the past year, it's safe to say that she's had a pretty intense 2021. The 18-year-old artist sat down with legendary musician Alanis Morissette to talk about the pressures she's faced so far in the entertainment industry.

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From background talent in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series to MTV VMA-winning artist, Rodrigo has experienced what many would call an overnight success. "It felt overnight, and I've been working and writing songs since I was five years old... But the 'I'm writing songs in my bedroom,' to 'Oh my gosh, lots of people know this song' was really quick for me," Olivia confessed to Alanis. And while the worldwide praise came with numerous benefits, she quickly learned the downside to fame. "Putting out music in the age of social media can be really daunting," the good 4 u artist explained. "And I think people hold young women to an incredibly unrealistic standard."

Like so many Gen Z-ers, Olivia spent her tween years on social media. And while it helped her feel connected to people from around the world, it also exposed her to the less genuine side of the internet. "I completely had all of my adolescence in front of people, and I think it's hard to differentiate who you are as a person versus who you are as a person on Instagram," Rodrigo reflected. But luckily, her passion for music has allowed her to develop a deeper connection than social media ever could.

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When speaking about Driver's License, Olivia explained how relatable the song ended up being. "I think heartbreak is so universal," the happier singer shared. "I've never felt as deep a sadness as I did when I was truly, truly heartbroken and devastated. And when I put out [the song]... I watched it just affect so many people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender or age." The billboard-topping artist even shared an example where 40-year-old men would share their unique connection to her lyrics - proving how genuine her song was.

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And while Olivia is sure more bumps in the road will come, she's proven to be wise beyond her years in tackling them with grace.