Miley Cyrus Teases New Music on Ex-Husbands Birthday

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| LAST UPDATE 01/02/2023

By Lesley Gary
Miley Cyrus New Music Flowers
Denise Truscello for iHeartMedia via Getty Images

She's back, and she's coming in like a wrecking ball. Miley Cyrus is always on the radar. With surprise performances, guest appearances on talk shows, and the occasional backyard duets with Dolly Parton, we can't seem to get rid of her. But we're not complaining. This year, she has something special up her sleeve, but specifically for an old flame.

Miley Cyrus is rocking into 2023 with a 'drop the mic' moment. The last time we heard original music from the teen pop sensation was with the release of her 2020 album Plastic Hearts, as well as a Dua Lipa duet for Prisoner. Since then, she has tailored her voice to her all-time favorites, such as Like a Prayer by Madonna, Maybe by Janis Joplin, and how can we forget her most desired cover of Jolene by the one and only Dolly Parton, all of which can be found on her live album, ATTENTION. Of course, Cyrus is never one to scoop completely under the radar, and now, she has announced the ultimate comeback to music on a very specific date.

Miley Cyrus New Music Flowers
@mileycyrus via Instagram
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On December 31st, 2022, Cyrus declared new music was on the way as she captioned, "NEW YEAR, NEW MILEY, NEW SINGLE." So, what date is this savvy single releasing? As we can imagine, from an artist's point of view, the release date has to feel just right. That being said, the Midnight Sky singer is dropping her new tune, Flowers, on January 13th, which just so happens to be the birthday of her ex-husband from down under Liam Hemsworth. Although it has not been confirmed this is a direct coincidence, the small snippets of the tune on YouTube are teasing everyone's speculations. Not to mention, January 2020 was the significant month they finalized their divorce after less than a year of marriage. Still, according to an E! News insider, "It's a relief for both of them that they can move on legally from one another and fully put this behind them." Now, there's no better way to have closure than to write a Billboard hit, and there's not much longer before we hear the full wrath of what might be the perfect breakup song.

While the Disney alum has moved on to drummer Maxx Morando, Hemsworth has done the same with his girlfriend of three years, Gabriella Brooks. Miley has focused on herself over the past couple of years, but she has been in the industry for long enough to know how to edge her way back into music glory. She blessed the night of December 31st with a new year's eve live concert special. Stay tuned for her new tune!

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