Migos & More: Stars We Never Realized Were Related

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| LAST UPDATE 11/14/2022

By Jessica Lopez

Making it in Hollywood doesn't always come easy. Lucky for these stars, they've got relatives in the industry to back them up. Here's a look at some of the most surprising famous family members in the biz.

Yara Shahidi & Nasir Jones

They may work in two different industries, but actress Yara Shahidi and rapper Nasir "Nas" Jones are the first famous family members on our list. They may be cousins, but it didn't help Shahidi's career much.

related celebrities nas yararelated celebrities nas yara
Stefanie Keenan / Contributor via Getty Images

That’s because it took a long time for the young actress to even realize how famous Nas was at the time, according to her interview with Fuse. She was even a flower girl at his wedding and didn’t recognize his famous wedding guests either. Hopefully, as adults, they can bond over their mutual success!

Rihanna, Rorrey, & Rajad Fenty

This industry titan and billion-dollar beauty mogul likes to be low-key about her personal life. Rihanna’s fans may know every little detail of her music career and business acumen, but many of them still don’t know that the Umbrella singer has two younger siblings.

rihanna fenty name familyrihanna fenty name family
Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

The talented star is the oldest of three children born to her parents, Ronald Fenty and Monica Braithwaite. Her brothers, Rorrey and Rajad Fenty, were born soon after. Despite Rihanna’s global fame, she still stays down to earth, regularly going out with her brothers and throwing parties for her family.

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Rashida & Quincy Jones

In the 1970s, record producer Quincy Jones and his partner, actress Peggy Lipton, gave birth to their first child. Their daughter would grow up to be the actress and filmmaker Rashida Jones, best known for her roles in sitcoms like Parks & Recreation and The Office. Their second daughter, Kikada Jones, is also an actress and model.

rashida quincy jones relatedrashida quincy jones related
Isaiah Trickey / Contributor via Getty Images

Despite her parent's divorce when she was still a teenager, Rashida had a close father-daughter relationship with the iconic producer and even went on to write and direct the Netflix documentary Quincy. The documentary followed the life and career of her father and went on to win numerous awards.

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Al Roker & Lenny Kravitz

Here’s a random family combo that we didn’t see coming! With two wildly different careers, one a weatherman and the other a rockstar, who would have thought that Al Roker and Lenny Kravitz are second cousins? Kravitz revealed their familial connection in an interview with Today back in 2011.

al roker kravitz relatedal roker kravitz related
Gilbert Carrasquillo / Contributor via Getty Images

According to the musician, his mother's name is Roxie Roker, one of Al's first cousins. "My mother was Roxie Roker, my grandfather, Albert Roker from the Bahamas," he shared. And stretching back far enough, it appears that both share a great-great-grandfather.

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Berry Gordy Jr. & Redfoo

Back in the mid-2000s, LMFAO was blasting on virtually every radio station around the world. And it seems that one of the two members, Redfoo, had a bit of help breaking into the music industry. That’s because he was born Stephen Kendal Gordy, the son of Berry Gordy Jr.

redfoo sky lmfao relatedredfoo sky lmfao related
Lester Cohen / Contributor via Getty Images

Yes, that's Berry Gordy - the founder of Motown Records! And if that's not enough, it turns out the other half of LMFAO, Sky Blu, is Redfoo's nephew! These days the pair no longer work together musically, but Redfoo has told the Press Association, "He'll always be my nephew; I'll always be his uncle."

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Jaden, Willow, & Trey Smith

Here we have one of the most famous families on the planet: Will Smith, his wife Jada, and their three children. That’s right - Jaden and Willow have another sibling named Trey. Although technically he is not Jada’s child, he is Will’s firstborn with his first wife, Sheree Zampino.

will smith wife childrenwill smith wife children
Denise Truscello / Contributor via Getty Images

Trey was born Willard Carroll "Trey" Smith II, and though he is older than both of his siblings, the trio are close and spend as much time as they can together. Despite his sibling's fame and status, Trey prefers to stay out of the Hollywood spotlight, living a very normal life relative to his famous family.

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Brandy Norwood & Snoop Dogg

Imagine having this much talent in one family… R&B singer Brandy and hip-hop superstar Snoop Dogg go way back - they’re first cousins! Though they preferred to keep their family status on the down-low, Snoop eventually came clean in a 2006 interview with MTV.

brandy snoop dogg relatedbrandy snoop dogg related
Michael Caulfield Archive / Contributor via Getty Images

"We never really told the world because we weren't trippin' off of that, but that's my family," he declared proudly. And just three years later, he and Brandy would strengthen that bond by releasing the 2008 track Special together, alongside Pharrell Williams.

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Denzel & John David Washington

Next up, we have one of the most impressive father-son duos in Hollywood: acting legend Denzel Washington and his son, John David, who is quickly making a name for himself in the industry. The oldest of Denzel’s four children, John David looked up to his Oscar-winning father from an early age.

denzel washington son johndenzel washington son john
Allen Berezovsky / Contributor via Getty Images

As an aspiring young actor, he has already added a raft of impressive roles to his filmography, as well as been nominated for several awards. Esteemed filmmaker Christopher Nolan has praised him, calling him "Extraordinarily hard-working, very, very thoughtful, and very considerate." We're sure his dad is proud of him!

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Timbaland & Pharrell

Next up, we have another secret and very surprising family connection from two absolute veterans of the music industry. In an appearance on The Cruz Show, rapper and producer Timbaland revealed something that we’re sure made his fan's heads spin - that Pharrell Williams is his cousin!

pharrell williams timbaland relatedpharrell williams timbaland related
Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

Timbaland had traced their connection to their shared grandmother, confirming that "We really family" when talking about himself and the iconic singer-songwriter and producer. That explains why the talented pair started off together in the industry, performing in S.B.I (Surrounded By Idiots).

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Tracee Ellis & Diana Ross

It's no surprise that a superstar diva like Diana Ross gave birth to a beloved icon like actress, singer, producer, and director Tracee Ellis Ross. Tracee was the product of The Supremes star's relationship with music executive and businessman Robert Ellis Silberstein.

diana tracee ellis rossdiana tracee ellis ross
Kevin Mazur/VF19 / Contributor via Getty Images

It wasn’t long before Tracee took off on her own and founded her individual career and stardom, but she still maintained a close relationship with her mother. They regularly appear on red carpets and at Hollywood events together, further cementing themselves as one of the most beloved mother-daughter duos of all time!

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Ludacris & Monica Denise Arnold

Monica Denise Arnold (nee Brown) began singing at an early age and eventually developed her skill and passion into a musical career. We can’t help but wonder if her cousin, rapper Ludacris (aka Christopher Bridges), helped to inspire and propel her early career. Yes, that’s right, Ludacris and Monica are cousins!

ludacris monica denise relatedludacris monica denise related
Paras Griffin / Stringer via Getty Images

The musical pair are connected through Monica’s stepfather Reverend Edward Best, who is also uncle to the rapper. She and Ludacris even celebrated their familial connection in 2015, when they collaborated on the track Ocean Skies. We can’t wait to see what they do together next!

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Cory Booker & RuPaul

Fans of RuPaul's Drag Race couldn't have seen this coming! On the season 13 finale of the hit show, host RuPaul welcomed a special guest to the stage: New Jersey State Senator Cory Booker. "Now, to explain the rules of the Lip Sync Smackdown, please welcome United States Senator and my cousin, Cory Booker," he announced.

rupaul cory booker relatedrupaul cory booker related
Twitter via @CoryBooker

The audience was no doubt confused, but Ru reaffirmed this by saying, "No, really, we are related." Apparently, they discovered this connection on the PBS show Finding Your Roots in October 2020. Booker summed it up nicely by saying, "Thank God for my cousin RuPaul."

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Gabrielle Union & Saweetie

This is one of those rare family relationships that was just a rumor before it was ever confirmed by the parties involved. So when actress Gabrielle Union took to Twitter to address the rumors about her and rapper Saweetie, it was to the delight of their fans.

gabrielle union saweetie instagramgabrielle union saweetie instagram
Instagram via @gabunion

"Her father and I are 1st cousins. Her grandma is my aunt Joanne Glass...#FunFact," the Tweet read. And the pair have gone out of their way to make it public and spend time together, both sharing photos on Instagram of them and their partners partying and going to dinner together!

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Sheila E & Nicole Richie

By now, most of us already know that former reality star Nicole Richie and singer Lionel Richie are father and daughter. But a lesser-known fact about their family is that Nicole’s aunt is Sheila E, a well-known singer and percussionist, who even appeared on Nicole’s hit show The Simple Life.

nicole richie relatives sheilanicole richie relatives sheila
Instagram via @sheilaedrummer

Sheila poured out her feelings for her niece, saying, "I love my niece Nicole," and even posted pictures of the two of them together with the caption, "Me and my niece @nicolerichie love u beautiful." It's so nice to see their affection being shared for the world to see!

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Jason Momoa & Zoë Kravitz

Now this one will really shock some people. It turns out that famous hunk and Aquaman star Jason Momoa is the step-dad of Hollywood starlet Zoë Kravitz! After ending her marriage with Zoë's father, Lenny Kravitz, her mother, Lisa Bonet, moved on to Momoa, who took Zoë under his wing.

zoe kravitz jason momoazoe kravitz jason momoa
Mike Coppola / Staff via Getty Images

And he's never been shy of showing his fatherly affection for the younger actress, telling People magazine that his stepdaughter is "a beautiful human being," and even sharing their family nicknames with Rolling Stone: he is "papa bear," and she is "rascal."

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Stacey & Damon Dash

Unfortunately, not all celebrity families can be as tight-knit as some we’ve covered so far. Though Clueless star Stacey Dash and Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash are first cousins, they’ve been through their fair share of ups and downs as a family.

stacey damon dash dramastacey damon dash drama
John Sciulli / Staff via Getty Images

Early in their careers, both Damon and Stacy did what they could to help each other rise through the ranks of Hollywood and the entertainment industry. But after Stacy became embroiled in online drama, it appears her cousin has taken a step back from their relationship. Here’s hoping they work things out!!

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Steph & Seth Curry

For those who doubt that sports ability can be inherited, just take a look at the Currys. How often does a family have two siblings who are both professional superstar athletes? Both Stephen “Steph” Curry and his younger brother Seth currently play for the NBA.

steph curry nba brothersteph curry nba brother
Instagram via @stephencurry30

With Steph playing for the Golden State Warriors and Seth playing for the Brooklyn Nets, we imagine his parents must be thrilled when b-ball season comes around. We just can’t imagine what it must have been like having two amped-up pro athletes growing up in the same household!

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Sofia & Lionel Richie

We already mentioned the Richies, including the aunt-niece combo of Nicole and Sheila E and the father-daughter duo of Nicole and Lionel. But what we haven’t mentioned is that Lionel has another daughter, Sofia, with his second wife, Diane Alexander. And Sofia is steadily making a name for herself in the business.

lionel sophia nicole richielionel sophia nicole richie
Christopher Polk / Staff via Getty Images

But according to Sofia, she didn't get to live the same wild child lifestyle as her older sister growing up, telling Elle, "My dad is more strict because of my sister. It's not like I'm doing anything bad, but he went through all that with Nicole, so he's just strict to prevent it from happening again."

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JWoww & Giovanna Marie LaValle

Any young person in the mid-2000s was likely familiar with Jersey Shore, one of the most infamous reality shows in television history. And two of the central relationships on the show were that of Nicole Elizabeth “Snooki” LaVelle and Jennifer Lynn “JWoww” Farley, two absolute BFFs.

jwoww snooki daughters nowjwoww snooki daughters now
Jamie McCarthy / Staff via Getty Images

So when Snookie gave birth to her first daughter, Giovanna Marie LaVelle, she chose JWoww as a godmother without a second thought. Today, the pair have a combined family of 5 children, and they frequently go out and about together for friend dates and family outings. We love to see it!

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Shaquille O’Neal & Bill Bellamy

Another New Jersey native, Bill Bellamy is a stand-up comedian and actor who has been publically vocal about his family connection to NBA star Shaquille O'Neal - who happens to be his second cousin. Bellamy shared this news in an interview with The News & Observer, describing his cousin as "a big, loving guy."

nba relatives shaq bellamynba relatives shaq bellamy
Isaiah Trickey / Contributor via Getty Images

"You see how massive he is, but he's just a big Teddy Bear." Bellamy also went on to describe the bond between his and Shaq's family, saying, "We still do a lot of stuff together. Our kids play basketball together. My son is 12, and his younger son is 15. Our families have a blast hanging out."

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Patti Labelle & Mariah Carey

It’s not every day that someone gets to choose their own godmother, but if anyone’s going to do it, it’s all-time diva Mariah Carey! And the pop legend chose none other than 60s frontwoman Patti Labelle, who shared the unusual news with Wendy Williams back in 2010.

mariah carey patti godmothermariah carey patti godmother
Bennett Raglin/BET / Contributor via Getty Images

"[Mariah] just asked me, and I said, 'Of course, you're my godchild,'" Patti declared. "That's my baby." For years, the two divas have nurtured a loving and reciprocal relationship as godmother/godchild and music mentor/mentoree. How lucky that they found each other!

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Diana Ross & Ashlee Simpson

We’ve already covered Diana Ross’ daughter, Tracee, but who knew that her second daughter was none other than pop musician Ashlee Simpson? Ok ok, let us explain: It turns out that Ashlee is actually married to Evan Ross, who is none other than Diana Ross’ son!

diana evan ross ashleediana evan ross ashlee
Michael Kovac / Contributor via Getty Images

So Ashlee is now both the daughter-in-law of Diana and the sister-in-law of Tracee - and she and Evan connect the Ross family to the Simpsons! That’s a celebrity mixer we never thought we’d see, but we couldn’t be happier for the talented couple. And their family get-togethers must be exciting!

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Migos (Quavo, Offset, & Takeoff)

Hip-hop trio Migos has taken the industry by storm since they entered the scene back in the late 2000s. And there’s no denying that so much of their allure and popularity is owed to their mind-blowing chemistry both on and off the stage. And it looks like that chemistry isn’t a coincidence…

migos takeoff quavo offsetmigos takeoff quavo offset
Rich Fury / Staff via Getty Images

That’s because all three members of Migos are family! Members Quavo and Offset are first cousins, and if that’s not enough, Takeoff (the late member of the group) is the nephew of Quavo. The trio all grew up together, and it’s this three-way family connection that led the three men to form a hip-hop crew together. RIP Takeoff.

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Dave, James, & Tom Franco

So we all know that Dave Franco is James Franco’s younger brother, right? After all, the two actors have been working together since Dave appeared on screen in Pineapple Express. But what a lot of people don’t know is that this handsome pair has a third brother - Tom!

james franco dave brothersjames franco dave brothers
Bruce Glikas / Contributor via Getty Images

Tom is the middle child of the Franco siblings, and despite being an actor himself, he tends to keep things much more lowkey. His most recognizable role is no doubt his appearance in 2017’s The Disaster Artist, directed by his older brother James and starring his younger brother Dave! How’s that for a family reunion?

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Jared & Shannon Leto

While Jared and Shannon Leto don’t look too similar, fans of their movies and music have known of their brotherly connection for decades! As brothers, they stay side-by-side even career-wise, with both being members of the band 30 Seconds To Mars for over a decade now.

jared leto brother bandjared leto brother band
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor via Getty Images

They've even acted together, with Shannon appearing alongside his A-list brother all the way back in the 1994 teen drama series My So-Called Life. Shannon has talked openly about how much he loves working with his brother, saying, "It's great always knowing that there's someone having your back no matter what challenges arise."

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Edwin & Aldis Hodge

For fans of modern horror, these two names might ring a bell. But who has put two and two together to realize that Edwin and Aldis Hodge are brothers? Definitely not us, until now! Both men were born to Basil Hodge and Yolette Evangeline Richardson and raised in North Carolina.

Edwin Aldis Hodge moviesEdwin Aldis Hodge movies
Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff via Getty Images

Both brothers chose to pursue careers in film and television, with Aldis blowing up on the screen in his role on the TNT series Leverage and even appearing alongside his brother in the show! Edwin, on the other hand, made a name for himself as the only actor to appear in the first three films of the Purge horror franchise.

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Julia & Emma Roberts

Imagine growing up with an A-list aunt just a phone call away. We have to assume that Emma Roberts's aunt, Julia Roberts, played a big part in inspiring her to pursue a career in acting. After all, Julia and Emma have had a close aunt/niece bond since Emma was just a child.

julia emma roberts relatedjulia emma roberts related
Gregg DeGuire / Contributor via Getty Images

Emma even admitted on the Queen Latifa Show in 2014 that she would regularly visit her aunt on set and dress up in all of her glamorous outfits. Since then, the pair have been lucky enough to appear in the same film together, 2010’s Valentine’s Day, though they technically never share the screen. Maybe next time!

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Debbie Allen & Phylicia Rashad

While at face value, the characters of Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show and Dr. Catherine Fox from Grey’s Anatomy don’t have all that much in common, their actresses would no doubt disagree! That’s because Debbie Allen and Phylicia Rashad are sisters in real life!

Clair Huxtable actress familyClair Huxtable actress family
Pool / Pool via Getty Images

That’s one talented family, that’s for sure. Debbie, who is also a dancer and choreographer, may have grown up watching her accomplished older sister killing it on-screen, but it’s now clear that both sisters are excellent at what they do. Their parents must be so proud!

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Chris, Liam & Luke Hemsworth

Here we have another case similar to the Franco brothers! Chris and Liam Hemsworth are practically industry giants at this point, with Chris dominating the screen as Thor and Liam playing a major role in The Hunger Games franchise. But what many people don’t know? There’s a third Hemsworth brother.

hemsworth brother luke moviehemsworth brother luke movie
Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP/Shutterstock via Shutterstock

Luke Hemsworth may not have the same public recognition as his two brothers, but he is slowly and surely securing a name for himself in the industry, most notably in the role of Ashley Stubbs on HBO’s Westworld. And with that signature Hemsworth bright blue eyes and luscious hair, we’re sure it won’t be too hard for him.

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Ice Cube & O'Shea Jackson Jr.

While some kids might be shy about the status of their famous parents, O'Shea Jackson Jr., son of legendary rapper Ice Cube, definitely isn't one of them. "Being on set with my dad - that's so cool," he shared. "People always ask me if that made me nervous, but it's the same element when you're a kid…"

ice cub son comptonice cub son compton
Earl Gibson/BET / Contributor via Getty Images

"When your parents come in the auditorium for those school performances. It calms you," he explained. Like many children of celebrities, O'Shea took a leaf out of his father's book, making a beeline for Hollywood and the music business early on, even appearing as his father in the 2015 NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton.

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Omar & Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Here are two brothers who have done whatever they can to help the other succeed in Hollywood, and we love to see it! Over the years, Omar and Cuba Gooding Jr have been deeply entwined in one another’s careers, with Omar even being “discovered” by talent scouts while delivering a script to his brother.

omar cuba gooding jromar cuba gooding jr
Gregg DeGuire / Contributor via Getty Images

The younger brother got his footing in the industry, starring in Nickelodeon shows and sitcoms like Wild & Crazy Kids and Hangin' with Mr. Cooper. His brother, on the other hand, has been all over the Hollywood map starring in films like Jerry Maguire and Boyz n the Hood to TV series like American Horror Story: Roanoke.

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Jonah Hill & Beanie Feldstein

When actor and filmmaker Jonah Hill stepped onto the red carpet wearing a sweatshirt with the words “Beanie’s Brother,” many people speculated on what it could mean - was it a new fashion label or promo for an upcoming movie? Actually, it was much more literal, since Hill has a sister called Beanie!

jonah hill beanie feldsteinjonah hill beanie feldstein
Paul Archuleta / Stringer via Getty Images

In fact, the star even has a permanent tribute to his younger sister, in the form of a tattoo of the words "Hello, Beanie!" as a commemoration of his beloved sibling's performance in the 2017 Broadway show Hello, Dolly. The pair regularly post about each other too, showing that their bond can withstand any level of fame.

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Steve & Wood Harris

Here's another talented brotherly duo that decided to take on the acting world together! Steve and Wood Harris were both drawn to the silver screen as boys, and Steve took the helm as the older brother, seeking out work in TV shows and movies. Wood wasted no time in following in his brother's footsteps.

Steve Wood Harris tvSteve Wood Harris tv
Walter McBride / Contributor via Getty Images

And both men took their prospective careers seriously, both choosing to study Film & TV at university after leaving home. Their mother, Mattie, who works as a seamstress, and father, John Harris, a bus driver, are no doubt beaming with pride while watching their hard-working sons.

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Luke & Owen Wilson

Not everyone knows this, but when we see them standing side-by-side, it’s hard to miss the obvious fact that Hollywood stars Luke and Owen Wilson are brothers. And they are so close, in fact, that they both starred in their first film together - Wes Anderson’s Bottle Rocket, filmed in their hometown of Dallas, Texas.

luke owen wilson brothersluke owen wilson brothers
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff via Getty Images

Since then, both brothers have skyrocketed to success in the movie industry, and we can’t help but wonder if they feel any sense of sibling rivalry as two of the industry’s most famous siblings. We hope not, considering that Owen has a cold $20 million on his brother, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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Mabel McVey & Neneh Cherry

It’s clear that singer Mabel Alabama-Pearl McVey’s career is taking off, but many people don’t know that Mabel is also the daughter of Swedish singer-songwriter Neneh Cherry. And those who do know of their familial connection will know that they’ve had their fair share of drama over the years.

mabel singer neneh cherrymabel singer neneh cherry
Joe Maher / Stringer via Getty Images

These days the fiery mother-daughter duo seem to have overcome their differences since Mabel chose to shout out her beloved mom in her acceptance speech after winning the 2020 BRIT Award for British Female Solo Artist. And she had no qualms sharing the fact that Neneh won two BRIT Awards in her own career!

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Liev & Pablo Schreiber

They may not be identical, but there are enough similar features between actors Liev Schreiber and Pablo Schreiber to indicate that they are indeed related (if their surnames weren’t enough to figure it out!). It probably isn’t a surprise to anyone to hear that these two men are half-brothers.

Liev Pablo Schreiber relatedLiev Pablo Schreiber related
Al Pereira / Contributor via Getty Images

Their shared parent is none other than their father, Tell Carrol Schreiber, who was also an accomplished actor. Clearly, acting talent runs in the family! And though they grew up a decade apart and in different households, the brothers have become close over the years, even appearing in 2004’s The Manchurian Candidate together.

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Viola Davis & Mike Colter

For those who weren't aware that Viola Davis and Mike Colter are related, don't worry - neither were they! Up until 2019, that is. Colter explained the revelation in an interview with Essence, sharing that "You know, honestly, we had never met, but our families have family reunions, and they talk about us."

viola davis mike colterviola davis mike colter
Instagram via @violadavis

And it was clearly a good choice, with the two cousins becoming close in these last few years. Viola even took to Instagram to wish her cuz a happy birthday with pictures of the two spending time together. That just goes to show that people don’t always need to grow up together to form a tight family bond.

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Vince Carter & Tracy McGrady

Next up, we have a pair of pro-athlete relatives who grew up together, watching the NBA on TV and dunking on the court - they even grew up in the same school system in North Carolina. And just a few years later, cousins Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady were both drafted into the NBA.

tracy mcgrady nba dunktracy mcgrady nba dunk
Rick Eglinton / Contributor via Getty Images

McGrady started off playing for the Raptors before moving from team to team up until his retirement in 2013, while Carter also tried out various NBA teams, eventually spending the last two years of his career with the Atlanta Hawks before his 2020 retirement. Those family reunions must have gotten competitive!

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Macaulay Culkin & Paris Jackson

Home Alone star Macauley Caulkin did his best to ensure that his young goddaughter, Paris Jackson, was never home alone! Culkin has been a paternal presence throughout the young musician's life, and the two are so close as adults that they even have matching tattoos.

paris jackson macaulay culkinparis jackson macaulay culkin
Instagram via @parisjackson

And Paris has always been vocal about her love for her godfather, shown in an Instagram post celebrating his birthday and showing her followers how he taught her to waltz and has been making her laugh since she was little. "I absolutely adore you," Paris declared. How sweet!

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Da Brat & LisaRaye McCoy

Here we have another celebrity family who hasn't always been on each other's best side - rapper Shawntae "Da Brat" Harris and actress LisaRaye McCoy may be sisters, but that hasn't stopped them from engaging in some public family drama. Thankfully, the pair seem to have reconciled over the years, which we love to see.

Da Brat LisaRaye McCoyDa Brat LisaRaye McCoy
Thaddaeus McAdams / Contributor via Getty Images

The two certainly seem to share some similarities, which can be traced back to their father, David Ray McCoy, who was a prestigious Chicago-based entrepreneur who owned a range of hotels and clubs in the city. With a role model like him, it’s no wonder his daughters have gone on to enjoy so much career success.

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Travie McCoy & Tyga

Though their music is quite different, Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes and rapper Tyga have one major thing in common - they’re family! These two first cousins go waaaaay back, and in Travie’s own words, he watched Tyga grow from a mischievous boy to the uber-famous rap star he is today.

travie mccoy tyga relatedtravie mccoy tyga related
Jamie McCarthy / Staff via Getty Images

And that's not all - McCoy has even gone out of his way to give his cousin sage advice as someone who had already experienced the highs and lows of fame years ago, telling him, "Stop buying jewelry and invest in better things." That's advice only family could give!

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Dolly Parton & Miley Cyrus

Back in 2019, country music legend Dolly Parton appeared on the SiriusXM radio show Just Jenny and discussed a number of things - most notably, Miley Cyrus. She gushed about the young pop star, and even shared some news that not everyone was aware of: she was Miley’s godmother!

dolly parton miley godmotherdolly parton miley godmother
Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

Dolly had been close with the Cyrus family since the 1990s when she first worked with Miley's father, Billy Ray Cyrus. So when Miley was born, she felt an immediate connection. "When Miley came along, I said, 'She's got to be my fairy goddaughter,'" Dolly gushed. Awww.

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Janet Jackson & Stevie Wonder

It turns out that the Jacksons - including Janet, her world-famous brother Michael, and the rest of the Jackson 5 - have another famous relative. The uber-famous siblings are actually cousins of the musician Stevie Wonder! Janet shared this fascinating tidbit in a recent interview.

janet jackson stevie wonderjanet jackson stevie wonder
Kevork Djansezian/AP/Shutterstock via Shutterstock

"People don't know this one;" she confessed. "Stevie is actually our cousin on my mother's side." Janet was even chosen to present Wonder with his induction to the NAACP Hall of Fame back in 2011, where she shared their familial connection on stage. It looks like musical talent is just a byproduct of being part of their family!

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Martin Lawrence & Christopher Martin

Fans of the 1990 comedy House Party will remember that comedian Martin Lawrence and rapper Christopher Martin both acted as two cousins who throw a house party when Christopher’s parents go on vacation. And it looks like the movie may have been a case of life imitating art…

martin lawrence christopher martinmartin lawrence christopher martin
Unique Nicole / Contributor via Getty Images / Gilbert Carrasquillo / Contributor via Getty Images

Because what many people probably don’t know is that Lawrence and Martin are actually cousins in real life! It must have been great fun “acting” like cousins, and we can’t imagine that the two stars had to spend too much time preparing for their roles.

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Barack Obama & Brad Pitt

This next family connection is truly surprising: who could have guessed that superstar actor Brad Pitt and former president of the United States Barack Obama are related by blood? As it turns out, the two men share an ancestor named Edwin Hickman, making them 9th cousins.

obama brad pitt relatedobama brad pitt related
Mark Makela / Stringer via Getty Images / Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Staff via Getty Images

Obama is descended from Hickman's son James, and Brad is descended from his son Edwin Jr. According to Christopher Child, a genealogist from the New England Historic Genealogical Society, "If people have ancestors in a common part of the country, they will be more likely to find connections - in Obama and Pitt's case the South."

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Melissa Gorga & Ralph Macchio

When reality star Melissa Gorga, of Real Housewives of New Jersey, appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she was bombarded with tweets asking about her connection with Karate Kid actor Ralph Macchio. Rumors surfaced that the two public figures were cousins.

melissa gorga rhonj familymelissa gorga rhonj family
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff via Getty Images / Matt Winkelmeyer/2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards / Contributor via Getty Images

Gorga wasted no time responding to the tweets, saying, "Yes, we are!!" she even explained their connection further in an interview with The Huffington Post, saying, "We are like really distant cousins. Never even met him...We always said it when we were little. It's like through marriage, my aunt Rosile."

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Fantasia Barrino, K-CI, & JoJo

Back in the mid-2000s, singer Fantasia was on everyone's radar, but what many didn't know is that "Fantasia comes from a family of singers and musicians," as reported by CNN. And if anyone needs any proof, just look to the R&B group Jodeci and the members K-CI and Jojo in particular.

fantasia K-CI JoJofantasia K-CI JoJo
Paras Griffin / Stringer via Getty Images / Frank Trapper / Contributor via Getty Images

Not only are K-CI and Jojo brothers, but Fantasia is their first cousin on their father's side. The family has even appeared on stage together throughout their careers, most notably at the 2018 Essence Festival. For evidence that fame can't break a family bond, look no further than this trio.

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Beyoncé Knowles & Bianca Lawson

We all know of Beyonce’s little sister Solange, who is a talented and acclaimed musician in her own right. But people often forget that the glamorous sisters also have a famous step-sister: Bianca Lawson. The Save the Last Dance actress is the daughter of Richard Lawson, who later married Tina Knowles!

beyonce tina lawson familybeyonce tina lawson family
Gareth Cattermole / Staff via Getty Images / Paul Archuleta / Stringer via Getty Images

While neither woman is connected by blood, they share some similarities, i.e, their stunning looks and seeming resistance to the aging process! Both of these star sisters are absolutely glowing. There must be something that went right in their household (family skincare routines, anyone?).

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Halle Berry & Sarah Palin

Not every celebrity is going to be proud of their famous relatives, and that is certainly the case with actress Halle Berry and Alaskan politician Sarah Palin. Halle took to Twitter to share her thoughts about her newly discovered family member, writing, "You wanna know who I'm related to? Sarah Palin…"

halle berry sarah palinhalle berry sarah palin
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff via Getty Images / D Dipasupil / Contributor via Getty Images

When questions flooded in about this unexpected news, Halle simply explained that they were related in "some twisted way," but that "she may be on the tree, but she 'AINT invited to the cookout." Palin hasn't responded to this news yet, and we don't see any family reunions for these two any time soon.

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Chad & Syleena Johnson

Pro athletes and singers may not have many similarities in their careers, but it doesn’t mean they can’t come from the same family. Just look at former professional footballer Chad Johnson and his musical half-sister Syleena Johnson. And while many fans were excited by the news, Chad didn’t think it was a big deal.

chad syleena johnson relatedchad syleena johnson related
Alexandra Wyman / Staff via Getty Images / Paras Griffin / Stringer via Getty Images

He took to Twitter to respond to fan questions and reactions to their sibling-ship, simply saying, "Yes, that's my sister; everybody knows that." Well, not everybody knows that the pair share a father, Syl Johnson - but looking at them side-by-side? Yeah, now we can see it.

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Maya Rudolph & Minnie Riperton

For any SNL fans, there’s no doubt that former SNL alumni Maya is hilarious. But for those who wonder where she gets her stage presence and musical chops, look no further than beloved 70s singer-songwriter Minnie Riperton, who is Rudolph’s very own mother!

maya rudolph mom famousmaya rudolph mom famous
Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Stringer via Getty Images / Harry Langdon / Contributor via Getty Images

But where did she get her brilliant comedic timing from? Well, it could be that she inherited that from Minnie as well, or perhaps it comes from her music producer father, Richard Rudolph. Either way, we wish we could have seen this powerful mother-daughter duo on stage together!

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Brody Jenner & Stormi Webster

Now it's time for KUWTK fans to start connecting the dots. We know that Brody Jenner and Kylie Jenner are half-siblings, so it's easy to extrapolate that this makes Brody the uncle of little Stormi Webster! But according to a conversation he had with TMZ in 2018, the TV personality was left out of the loop regarding his niece's birth.

brody jenner stormi relatedbrody jenner stormi related
Tasia Wells / Contributor via Getty Images / Instagram via @kyliejenner

"I didn't even know [his half-sister Kylie] was pregnant for the entire pregnancy," he shared candidly with the TMZ interviewer. Ouch! Considering that Stormi is now four years old, we hope she's finally had the chance to meet her uncle Brody since he gave that interview.

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Baron Davis & Spike Lee

While one is much taller than the other, we can definitely see some similarities between pro-b-ball player Baron Davis and acclaimed Hollywood filmmaker Spike Lee - especially when they both don hats and glasses. So maybe it wasn’t such a surprise when Lee took to Twitter to share their connection.

baron davis spike leebaron davis spike lee
Valerie Macon / Stringer via Getty Images / Bennett Raglin / Stringer via Getty Images

"Baron and I are 2nd cousins - share Alabama roots," he stated simply. That might explain why Baron has also had his own success as a movie producer - we wonder if his cousin has given him any tips. Maybe he could even give Spike some basketball training? We know we'd love to see that.

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Paris Hilton & Marilyn Monroe

This might just be the most unexpected pair of Hollywood relatives on our list! When we look at celebrity socialite Paris Hilton, Queen Elizabeth might just be the last person we think of. But according to Hiltons 2020 interview with Cosmopolitan, it’s true.

paris hilton marilyn monroeparis hilton marilyn monroe
Mike Coppola / Staff via Getty Images / Donaldson Collection / Contributor via Getty Images

While they aren't exactly cousins, there is a genetic connection between the two, according to the star DJ. "My mom just did one of those 23andMe DNA kits, and I am related to Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth," she shared excitedly. Who would have thought?

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Nia Long & Sommore

As with many siblings who grow up in different households, comedian Lori Ann "Sommore" Rambough and actress Nia Long may be half-sisters, but they weren't close. In fact, according to Sommore, they were "not necessarily sisters." Yikes! This wasn't due to incompatibility, but more to the fact that they weren't raised together.

sommore nia long relatedsommore nia long related
Gabriel Olsen / Contributor via Getty Images / Mindy Small / Contributor via Getty Images

And in fact, the two celebrity sisters have forged a much closer relationship as adults, especially after the passing of their father, Doughtry "Doc" Long. These days the sisters spend more time together with Nia, even sharing pictures of the two on social media with the caption, "The funny one in the family."

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