Cara Delevingne & Megan Thee Stallion Steal the Show at BBMAs

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| LAST UPDATE 05/20/2022

By Zoe Browning
cara Megan thee bbmas
Matt Wiinkelmeyer/Staff via Getty Images

This past Sunday, many A-list stars attended the Billboard Music Awards. And although most of them are in the music industry, there were a few celebs that attended in support of others, including Cara Delevingne. Many fans wondered why the model-turned-actress showed up to the event, but after seeing many videos and photos, they assumed she was probably a plus one to none other than Megan Thee Stallion. But then why did the rapper crop Delevingne out of a BBMA photo she posted? Here's what you missed...

After seeing the photo that Megan shared with her followers, fans instantly started questioning whether Delevingne's odd behavior on May 15th was the reason why she removed her from the picture. It all started when the 27-year-old rapper walked onto the red carpet wearing a two-piece two-toned set that included a long train. She was rocking it, posing for pictures... except lurking behind her was her (unconfirmed) guest poking her head out the corner, making silly faces at Megan. But she didn't stop there: things got weirder when the supermodel jumped onto the carpet right by the artist and began holding and playing around with Megan's dress. But at this point, the singer seemed unbothered, and the two continued to go inside, sitting right by each other for the show.

megan thee stallion bbmas
Mindy Small / Stringer via Getty Images
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In front of the two stars was another rapper, Doja Cat. The seating chart had fans confused since Delevingne had never before been seen hanging out with either one of these artists. And yet that didn't hold her back from jumping into their conversation very awkwardly, sparking many hilarious tweets to come out of it. Delevingne's unusual behavior persisted throughout the night - even when Megan was awarded as the winner in the Female Rap Artist category. As she sat there in disbelief, her pal Cara jumped in front of her face sticking he tongue out exceptionally close. And as Megan got up to go receive her award, Delevingne grabbed the train of her dress... again.

Shortly after the music awards, Megan posted a picture to her Instagram with Doja Cat sitting in their know, the ones where Cara was right next to them. It was obvious that she had removed the 29-year-old model from the picture. But we guess the real reason why will forever be unknown... Stay tuned for updates.

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