BFFs Lily Collins and Ashley Park Talk Friendship

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| LAST UPDATE 01/13/2022

By Danielle Mejia
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People normally warn against working with your BFF - but if you ask Emily in Paris stars Lily Collins and Ashley Park, they couldn't recommend it more! The two Netflix stars sat down with Glamour Magazine to break down their special bond and how it makes working on set all the better. While the chemistry that characters Emily and Mindy have is undeniable, most Hollywood fans would know that on-set chemistry definitely does not guarantee off-set chemistry. But when the director calls cut, the good vibes keep going thanks to their special bond! "Ashley's a friend who makes you feel like being you is enough," Lily gushed during their joint interview. "She gives you what you need when you don't even know it yourself."

And the love from Ashley's side was mutual, adding: "Lily has made sure that I understand my own value... she has believed in me in ways I didn't believe I deserved," the breakout star explained. And besides having nonstop laughs while filming their dramedy around Paris, the element of female friendship has only elevated the show's quality - especially considering how important the element of female friendship was during the second season.

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Instagram via @lilyjcollins
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"Emily definitely has deep-rooted feelings and regrets about what happened because she does feel really badly about it," Lily confessed of Emily's betrayal of Camille's trust dating back to the first season. "And it wouldn't cause her so much turmoil if she didn't care," she continued. "And so I think, whenever something affects me so deeply or troubles me, it's because I care."

"And that's a good thing, but it makes it way harder because when you're conscious of something... and now you know you have to do something about it; what do I do?" the 32-year-old actress explained to Glamour Magazine. And while there were some mistakes made along the way, Collins was absolutely sure of her character's heart of gold. "Emily ultimately really values her friendships," she said. "And [in] season two, she really leans into the female friendships, which is something that I really was excited about pursuing more of." One thing's for sure, whether they're playing Mindy and Emily or just hanging about as Ashley and Lily, these two women are "friendship soulmates," and we love to see it!

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