Lady Gaga Reveals "Psychological" Trauma From Playing Mrs. Gucci

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| LAST UPDATE 11/07/2021

By Jessica Lopez
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Lady Gaga's got a pokerface like no other - as she's told us several times before. But the star's time in House of Gucci called for more challenges than most of us could ever fathom. From her method acting to the "psychological difficulty" it called for, here's what the actress had to say about her latest on-screen adventure...

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On November 2, the star sat down with British Vogue to talk all things House of Gucci. But from the sounds of it? Playing Lady Gucci wasn't as glamorous as it might sound. "I never broke. I stayed with her," Gaga confessed of her dangerous brush with method acting, something she felt necessary to properly portray the famous character. As for what that called for?

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"I only felt that I could truly do this story justice if I approached it with the eye of a curious woman who was interested in possessing a journalistic spirit so that I could read between the lines of what was happening in the film’s scenes," she explained. "Meaning that nobody was going to tell me who Patrizia Gucci was. Not even Patrizia Gucci." From dying her hair to speaking solely in an accent, the lines between reality and fiction were slowly beginning to blur...

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But perhaps with good reason: "I was either in my hotel room, living and speaking as Reggiani, or I was on set, living and speaking as her," Gaga confessed. "I remember I went out into Italy one day with a hat on to take a walk. I hadn’t taken a walk in about two months and I panicked. I thought I was on a movie set." Unfortunately, though, that's not where the panic ended. "There was some silence and some disconnect for a while," she confessed of the strain her role caused on her family.

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But despite the mental toll taken on Lady Gaga and loved ones alike, the actress wouldn't have it any other way. In fact, House of Gucci was the "experience of a lifetime," for the Italian-American actress. "Every minute of every day I thought of my ancestors in Italy, and what they had to do so that I could have a better life. I just wanted to make them proud."