Kylie Jenner Reveals "Very Hard" Postpartum Journey

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| LAST UPDATE 03/21/2022

By Zoe Browning
kylie jenner postpartum baby
Frazer Harrison / Staff via Getty Images

Kylie Jenner welcomed her second child, Wolf, with Travis Scott on February 2, 2022. The two had their first daughter back in 2018, and ever since, the reality TV star has openly shared how much being a mother means to her. Now, the Kylie Cosmetics founder has opened up about the postpartum struggles she's had after having her baby boy. Here's what she had to say.

Jenner was truthful and sincere with her 320 million Instagram followers. She took to her story to discuss a difficult topic with the goal of helping other women feel comfortable sharing their own stories. Her aim was to normalize conversations surrounding mothers who feel the difficult effects that come with giving birth. "I just want to say to my postpartum moms that postpartum has not been easy," Kylie explained. "It's not been easy — it's very hard. This experience for me personally has been a little harder than with my daughter. It's not easy mentally, physically, spiritually... it's just crazy."

kylie jenner wolf instagram
@kyliejenner via Instagram
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The queen of lipliner further revealed how she felt the need to tell her followers this because she didn't want to pretend everything was okay. "I didn't want to just get back to life without saying that," she added, "Because I think we can look on the internet and, you know, for other moms going through it right now, we can go on the internet and it might look a lot easier for other people and put the pressure on us. But it hasn't been easy for me either. It's been hard, and I just wanted to say that." Many celebs and influencers only show the "perfect" parts of their life, so it's refreshing to see this star be candid about her involvement in motherhood. Especially for other new or old parents who have dealt with similar situations. Nearly 70 to 8-% of mothers have the "baby blues" based on a study, so it's clear she might have positively impacted other moms.

Kylie then gave her followers some motivation. "I didn't even think I'd make it to this workout today. But I'm here, and I'm feeling better. So, you got this," she said while filming herself on a workout machine."It's OK not to be OK. Once I realized that... I was putting some pressure on myself, and I just keep reminding myself I made a whole human, a beautiful, healthy boy," said The Kardashians star said on her Insta story. "We have to stop putting pressure on ourselves to be 'back.' Not even physically, just mentally after birth. So, yeah. Just sending some love."

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