Kim Kardashian Hits Back After Interview Backlash

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| LAST UPDATE 03/30/2022

By Danielle Mejia
kim kardashian variety interview
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff via Getty Images

It hasn't been an easy month for Kim Kardashian in the headlines... And her March just got a little more heated thanks to the ongoing controversy following her interview with Variety. The SKIMS founder tried to clear her name after facing backlash over her business advice for women, but it was easier said than done...

The 41-year-old business mogul finally faced the music and appeared on Good Morning America to defend her name after trending online for the better part of a month. According to Kim, the "tone and attitude" of her answer were the problem, and she pointed the finger at the interviewer from Variety, who she claimed riled her up with the preceding question. Kim explained that the Variety journalist brought up criticisms of Kim and her family, saying they were "famous for being famous," and it changed Kim's mood in an instant. "It wasn't a blanket statement towards women," the reality star said during her GMA segment. "It was taken out of context, but I'm really sorry if it was received that way." But there was only one problem with Kim's apology: the journalist that interviewed her from Variety, Elizabeth Wagmeister, had a different side of the story to tell. And she seemingly had proof...

business advice Kim Kardashian
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According to Elizabeth, Kim's explanation of the events leading to her controversial answer just didn't add up. The "famous for being famous" question actually came after the question about advice for women in business, she said. "I just reviewed the raw footage. The question was very direct," the journalist tweeted out following Kim's GMA interview. "The question about being famous for being famous came after the question, actually." It didn't take long for social media to catch wind of Kim's slip up, and they weren't happy. "She's a grown woman, she needs to own her mistakes and grow from them," one user tweeted. Another added, "How you lie on the whole company like they don't have receipts?"

And where does that leave us? Well, we'll be here waiting to see what Kim's next move is. But this is one sticky situation she's landed in, and we hope this drama gets sorted ASAP. Until then, stay tuned for more breaking news.

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