Kim Kardashian Is Facing Backlash After North Held Up a Sign During a Fashion Show

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| LAST UPDATE 07/12/2022

By Zoe Browning
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Pascal Le Segretain / Staff via Getty Images

Last week, Kim Kardashian attended the Jean Paul Gaultier Fall/Winter fashion show in Paris. Of course, she was seated front row, and she wants alone. Sitting by her side was the reality TV star's eldest daughter, North West. Let's just say the 9-year-old didn't go unnoticed because she was holding up a handwritten sign that read "stop." Fans assumed this was to deter paparazzi from photographing her, but now Kim K herself has explained the meaning behind the poster.

It's no secret that North hates getting her pictures taken. She has been vocal about this since she was just 2 years old when she iconically yelled at a swarm of paparazzi waiting outside her ballet, “No pictures!” Most recently, during the same trip to Paris, France, North asked a group of people snapping her picture, “Why do you have to wait for us all the time?” This instantly went viral, along with the video where she was holding up the "stop" during the fashion show. Which according to her famous mom was all North wanted to focus on.

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Pierre Suu / Contributor via Getty Images
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"For anyone who knows North knows how funny she finds this video! North I guess had it with the people taking pictures of her so she wrote on her invite STOP and held it up and wanted them to just focus on the show…" Kim explained on her Twitter. But unfortuently, this explanation led to the mom of four receiving some backlash. One user commented, "If you know she don’t like the pics then why bring her to the FRONT ROW???" While another pointed out, "This is actually a sad picture. She's asking for help," one person wrote.

Fans were unhappy with how Kim continusuouly seemed to be putting North in situations where she is clearly not comfortable. Many people expressed on Kim's Twitter that they feel sorry for the young girl who has to deal with being in the spotlight all the time - something she never asked for. “Kind of sad to see a child process it all,” one person wrote. While others just blatantly think it's all very creepy, "Don't you guys find it a little weird how this child is constantly, openly expressing her discomfort with paparazzi and people filming/taking pictures of her but no one actually thinks of listening and respect a child's boundaries. though they obviously find all this creepy/weird," another user added. As of now, Kim has yet to respond to the hate, but stay tuned for updates.

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