Is Selena Gomez Retiring from Music?

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| LAST UPDATE 08/24/2021

By Joyce Ballard
Selena Gomez Retiring Music
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Earlier this year, Selena Gomez made a statement in an interview with Vogue that sent fans into a frenzy - she planned on retiring from part of her career. Now, the former Disney star gave an update on those plans. Here are all of the details.

Selena Gomez Interview, News
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In a devastating moment, Sel previously discussed the possibility of leaving the music industry. In April 2021, Gomez told Vogue, "I want to give it one last try before I maybe retire from music." However, a recent interview with Elle Magazine in August 2021 gave fans hope that Selena has changed her mind.

Selena Gomez Not Retiring
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"I don't think I'll ever quit making music," the starlet admitted. It looks like fans can rest assured they can expect plenty more music from Selena! Gomez also shared that her motivation for making music was not to win an award but self-expression and an outlet for her own feelings. "I'm not saying I want a Grammy. I just feel like I'm doing the best I can, and it's all about me," she said. "Sometimes, that can really get to me."

Selena Gomez Music
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In the past, Selena shared that she didn't feel like she was being taken seriously as a singer, which might be why her music is only made for personal reasons. In an interview with Vogue, the Lose You to Love Me performer said, "It's hard to keep doing music when people don't necessarily take you seriously."

The Hollywood icon also spoke about her decision to quit managing her own social media. "I woke up one morning and looked at Instagram, like every other person, and I was done... my life in front of me was my life, and I was present, and I could not have been more happy about it," she detailed. And months later, Sel still feels that stepping back from that space was the right decision.

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Selena Gomez Retires Music
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"This tiny little phone that had 150 million people on it - I just put it down," she explained, adding that doing so was "such a relief." In another vulnerable interview, Gomez previously revealed what kept her going after these years of health difficulties and public scandals. We appreciate an honest queen in this house.