Fifth Harmony's Healing After their "Abusive" Career

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| LAST UPDATE 12/16/2021

By Danielle Mejia
fifth harmony toxic dynamic
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Their time as a group might have brought us Billboard-topping tracks like Work from Home and Worth It, but group member Lauren Jauregui says a lot of harm came from their moment of fame. And they're all taking the time to heal their wounds. Here's the full story.

fifth harmony abusive dynamic
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The singer appeared on The Zach Lang Show to talk about Fifth Harmony's indefinite hiatus that started back in 2018. And as Lauren put it, "time to heal" is what the quintet really needs at this moment. "I think that's the path that we're on right now," she explained during the interview. "Because a lot of what happened to us wasn't even us. It was all of the pieces around us." And while their career brought a lot of good, Jauregui felt that they were too young to deal with it.

"We were young adolescents thrown into the spotlight," she confessed. "Because remember, X Factor is not even anything but a reality show that you're on TV in front of millions off the bat, and I think we all just had our own way of processing that." It all happened so fast, and Lauren and the girls soon felt like they were in the passenger's seat going 100 miles an hour with little to no control. And that affected the group in general. And that affected us personally," the 25-year-old singer continued. "And I think that now we're at a point in our lives where we're healing from it, and we're each doing what we were truly meant to do for ourselves."

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For Lauren, it all worked out for the best as she's been able to step back from the pressure and focus on herself, but she can't help but look back at the wrongdoings done to her and her fellow group-mates. "[There were] no mental health resources anywhere along the way," Jauregui confessed. Plus, she explained, there was an expectation "to be an adult at adolescence, with zero knowledge of this industry." But despite the negative dynamics, Lauren's time in Fifth Harmony has a soft spot in her heart. "If it hadn't happened, exactly how it did, I would not be where I am. So I don't regret a second of anything that happened," she said proudly.

You can catch the full interview above, and be sure to check back soon for more industry stories!