Sex Education's Emma Mackey Talks Female Friendship

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| LAST UPDATE 10/01/2021

By Danielle Mejia
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After three successful seasons of Sex Education, many loyal fans of the show are praising the Netflix creative team for leaving no stone unturned in terms of representation. But one unique plotline has stolen the hearts of many: Aimee and Maeve's friendship. And it turns out the show's star actress couldn't agree more...

Emma Mackey Sex Education
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Emma Mackey, who plays Maeve in the Netflix hit show, spoke with Buzzfeed about all things female friendship. The 25-year-old actress couldn't have been happier with the direction Maeve and Aimee's relationship took on the show - especially considering how different they appeared to be on the surface. "To see Maeve grow alongside Aimee and what that relationship is has been so special," the talented icon shared in her interview. "This relationship that on paper makes no sense but somehow works like a dream."

Maeve Aimee Sex Education
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With Maeve and Aimee, Emma was proud that there was a genuine relationship full of support and acceptance - something that can be hard to come by in TV representation. "They kind of elevate each other and are just there for each other and are able to coexist with one another even though they're completely different," Mackey explained. "I think that's really key to Maeve's person and existence. How Maeve interacts and operates with people and learns from them is something I love." And Emma was particularly proud of how the two characters handled their difficult moments, too.

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"I think people are going to enjoy, hopefully, Maeve and Aimee's friendship because it goes through some ups and downs," Emma shared. "We see them a lot more together, which inevitably brings new dynamics into play." And the love wasn't just kept for the cameras either: Emma went on to gush about the admiration she had for her co-star IRL. "Aimee [Lou Wood] just blows us all away, and I'm completely obsessed with her," Mackey beamed. "I love her. So it's good to see her shine."

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We're so here for this legendary female friendship. And one thing's for sure: we're keeping our fingers crossed that Season Four will bring even more Aimee and Maeve content to our screens.