Dua Lipa Is Putting Herself First Post Break-Up

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| LAST UPDATE 05/11/2022

By Zoe Browning
dua lipa vogue interview
Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

Dua Lipa recently graced the cover of Vogue's June/July edition, and let's just say, the singer did not hold back during her accompanying interview. The 26-year-old revealed how life has been since parting ways with Anwar Hadid in December. The younger brother of supermodel Gigi and Bella Hadid had dated the pop star for two years, so we have no doubt it took a while to get over that heartbreak. But based on her latest interview, it looks like the Physical singer is doing just fine these days...

Rather than jumping into another relationship, Dua is spending quality time by herself. "The next chapter of my life is about truly being good with being alone. Some people on the internet were like, "Oh, Dua went out for dinner on her own, blah blah, I do this all the time," she said, referring to headlines made about how she went out to eat with no one by her side. "And I think that's amazing if you do it all the time. You must be so confident. But it was a big step for me," she admitted.

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"I was nervous—like, what am I gonna do? I don't want to be on my phone. I want to know I can just be there for myself, you know?" But despite her anxiousness, the British-born singer managed to get over her fear and went out alone. But Dua didn't just focus on her most recent relationship status, she also opened up about what her dating life was like back when she was a teenager. "All my friends had boyfriends before me," she recalled. "No one fancied me! Every girl was more developed. And I was just like, F***, I have no idea if I'm ever gonna grow." Well, based on her huge fan base today, we're gonna go ahead and say she probably doesn't feel that way anymore. 

dua lipa interview vogue
Samir Hussein / Contributor via Getty Images

Currently, she is traveling the world on her Future Nostalgia tour, an album that was released back in March of 2020. But even though it's been a whole two years since its drop, fans are still pumped up and excited to see the artist's live performances. "I didn't get to see people's reaction to the album in real life," she told Jen Wang at Vogue. "So being on tour and seeing the crowds is like, 'Oh, it was a really big album. I get so excited seeing people coming together as a collective.'"

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