Why Demi Moore's Fiery Memoir Left Ex Ashton Kutcher "Pissed"

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| LAST UPDATE 02/21/2023

By Lesley Gary

Demi and Ashton were one of the IT couples in Hollywood! They're like Disney's iconic stars - classic yet never forgotten. Even after all this time, they still have stories to tell about their relationship...

Out in the Open

For eight glorious years, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were the couple in Hollywood. Everywhere they went, crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of their captivating relationship. Sadly though, things started going downhill.

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore RelationshipAshton Kutcher Demi Moore Relationship
Bauer-Griffin/Contributor via Getty Images

It was the breakup that shocked us all: after nearly a decade of marriage and creating memories together, Demi and her significant other threw in the towel. The entire nation was shocked. Speculation swirled about what went wrong for years - until, finally, Moore lifted the curtain on their complex dynamic.

Aspiring Actor

Ashton Kutcher grew up with an older sister and twin brother who suffered from health complications. This took a major toll on Ashton, and to escape reality, he got involved in his high school's drama program. Thanks to his eagerness to try something new, the entertainment world has been keeping up with this Iowa native ever since.

Ashton Kutcher That 70's Show YoungAshton Kutcher That 70's Show Young
Jim Smeal/Contributor via Getty Images

Kutcher then studied biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa when he was approached by a model scout and entered the "Fresh Faces of Iowa" competition. He won first place and was sent to New York City as a prize, shock. Afterward, he decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting. But he was just getting started.

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That '70s Show

Ashton Kutcher's life changed real quick once he switched coasts, landing him the iconic role of Michael Kelso on That '70s Show. While he and Mila Kunis heated up our screens with fire chemistry, Ashton also gave celebs a taste of his pranking shenanigans when his MTV show Punk'd kicked off. He was made for television.

That 70s Show Cast Mila AshtonThat 70s Show Cast Mila Ashton
FOX/Contributor via Getty Images

From engineer to Hollywood star, Ashton's journey has been something incredible. He started out in dramas like The Guardian & comedies like Dude, Where's My Car? Still, how could we forget his iconic roommate situation after replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, and his revamp of Michael Kelso on That '90s Show reboot?

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Becoming Demi Moore

Demi may be known today for being an A-list actress, but she started out as a small-town girl from Roswell, New Mexico, as Demi Gene Guynes. She wanted to make something of herself and moved around often due to her stepdad's job. But that didn't stop Demi from reaching the top, as she quickly became one of Hollywood's highest-paid stars.

Demi Moore Real Name Demi Moore Real Name
Ron Galella/Contributor via Getty Images

Demi discovered acting early on and knew it was for her. She jumped into drama classes during her teenage years, infatuated with performing. Despite her passion, she also caught feelings for a musician named Freddy Moore - so much in fact, they tied the knot. Demi Moore had a nice ring to it, so she kept it as her stage name.

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Rising Up

Demi became recognizable after becoming a part of some iconic projects. But she hit the jackpot with About Last Night and then secured a Golden Globe for her role in Ghost. She kept winning with A Few Good MenIndecent Proposal, and more, creating an incredible streak that's turned her into one of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Demi Moore Young CareerDemi Moore Young Career
Jeff Kravitz/Contributor via Getty Images

She dominated the 90s, and nothing could stop her. She had peaked in Hollywood, which, as anyone in the industry knows, is not easy to achieve. She took Hollywood by storm with G.I Jane where she shaved her head for an unforgettable performance. After that success, she decided to step back - but soon returned ready for more.

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Dinner for Two

Hollywood's bachelor Ashton had people buzzing when he was first spotted with Demi, 15 years his senior, at a trendy LA restaurant. But before everyone could dig too deep into their potential fling, they jetted off to Miami together for 2003 Memorial Day weekend. They left fans wondering if they were up to something…

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore MarriageAshton Kutcher Demi Moore Marriage
Frederick M. Brown/Stringer via Getty Images

When Demi and Ashton were spotted together in Miami, the world couldn't help but wonder. A source told PEOPLE that they shared a "very romantic" kiss - solidifying the gossip around town. All of Hollywood was shook when Moore locked down one of the hottest celebs around, Mr Kutcher. Only time could tell what was going to happen.

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Becoming Official

People couldn't believe their eyes when rumors of the new power couple started spreading, with whispers that they had secretly eloped in Mexico. Nobody knew for sure until they returned to LA together - looking every bit as in love as before - making it official by tying the knot with a fairytale ending.

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore WeddingAshton Kutcher Demi Moore Wedding
Christopher Polk/Contributor via Getty Images

Two years after they first got together, their love blossomed, and on September 24, 2005, the actor and actress got hitched. They were surrounded by close family and friends in an intimate ceremony at their Beverly Hills home. One close pal told People, "there was just so much love in the room!" What could be more romantic?

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Age Is Just a Number

Despite the occasional judgment from others, Moore and Kutcher were always unbothered by their 15-year age difference. Love is not defined by age, and, in fact, they kept a sense of humor about it all. At least they could embrace whatever attention came with being in an unconventional relationship.

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore SNLAshton Kutcher Demi Moore SNL
Saturday Night Live via YouTube

When Ashton hosted SNL, he made sure his special someone would be part of the fun. Despite all the negative buzz surrounding them at the time, he rolled out a welcome mat for her and even aged her up with some makeup - Moore strutted onto stage with a walker. These two knew how to have fun and ignore the press.

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Demi Tells All

When Ashton and Demi fell in love, it was like a scene from an iconic movie. Despite the Hollywood couple curse, people really thought they were in it for the long run. But sadly, the two ended up divorcing in 2013 - leaving everyone to speculate about what caused their breakup. The rumors never stopped, of course.

Demi Moore Memoir Inside OutDemi Moore Memoir Inside Out
Stefanie Keenan/Contributor via Getty Images

After being in the dark for six years about her complicated marriage to Ashton Kutcher, Moore recently revealed all in her new memoir, Inside Out. She opened up a window into their relationship that we never saw before, giving us an intimate look at Hollywood love gone wrong. So, what else had the former couple hidden from us?

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Feeling Young Again

Despite the 15-year age gap between them, their connection was undeniable. She wrote in her memoir, "He was 25. I was 40. But I'm telling you: we couldn't feel it. We were totally in sync, from our very first conversation…." Talk about a surreal moment - you can't choose who you fall in love with.

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Age GapAshton Kutcher Demi Moore Age Gap
Jason Merritt/Staff via Getty Images

She believed in love again as she wrote, "When I met Ashton it almost felt like a do-over, like I could just go back in time and experience what it was like to be young, with him -- much more so than I'd ever been able to experience it when I was actually in my twenties."

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Will You Marry Me?

After finding out they were expecting a bundle of joy, Kutcher revved up the romance by taking Moore to watch a glorious and romantic sunset. It was the perfect setting - and became even more special when "he got down on one knee and presented me with a beautiful vintage Cartier ring. I was overwhelmed," Demi noted.

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Engagement RingAshton Kutcher Demi Moore Engagement Ring
Victor Boyko/GC/Contributor via Getty Images

However, she was hesitant at first when he proposed. She didn't want to say yes only because she was pregnant. She wrote, "But I loved him. And I knew he loved me. And I knew this baby would cement our family, bond us all on the deepest level. By the end of the night, I'd said yes." It was a bond that could never be broken. Right?

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A Blended Family

No matter the situation, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis always put their kids first. The pair had three children together, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah Belle. But now Ashton Kutcher is in the mix! He had a great relationship with all three of them, saying it felt like they spoke about literally everything.

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore ChildrenAshton Kutcher Demi Moore Children
Stephen Lovekin/Staff via Getty Images

Moore couldn't get enough of her blended family, either. In an interview, she praised him, saying, "Ashton's relationship with his own mother is really wonderful, so it made the transition to being with a woman with daughters something he didn't bat an eye at." Despite not having biological kids himself, he proved to have parental instincts.

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Devastation for Demi

Moore's world all of a sudden came crashing down. She wrote, "Almost six months into my pregnancy, right at the moment when we were going to start telling everyone, we went to the doctor's office. He did his usual ultrasound, but this time, there was no heartbeat." It was the most devastating news she could've received at that time.

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Baby Miscarriage Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Baby Miscarriage
Michel Dufour/Contributor via Getty Images

Moore was suffering from the unbearable weight of a losing her unborn baby. She continued, "Ashton did his best to connect with me in my grief. He tried to be there for me during the miscarriage, but he couldn't really understand what I was feeling." Despite this drastic setback, hope still remained alive and well.

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Feeling Desperate

Despite the pain that she had faced, Moore was still determined to bring new life into the world. She wrote in her memoir, "I was still desperate to have a baby with him." All she wished for was to carry their child to make memories together as a family unit.

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore MemoirAshton Kutcher Demi Moore Memoir
J. Vespa/Contributor via Getty Images

She expressed, "I wanted to be the fertile woman who could have his baby." Moore had always imagined becoming a mom to her partner's baby, but with time, that dream started feeling further away. They decided it was time for different paths and explored treatments like IVF, egg donation - or even looking into surrogacy.

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Completely Blindsided

Demi had finally found the perfect egg donor, when suddenly Ashton dropped a bombshell. She wrote, "Ashton told me, 'I don't think I can do this, and I don't know if this is working.' I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me." It was an overnight twist of events. And Demi was lost for words.

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore BreakupAshton Kutcher Demi Moore Breakup
Arnaldo Magnani/Contributor via Getty Images

She continued, "I asked him why he'd let me research a donor, go through this painful prolonged process, and make myself vulnerable in this way if he wasn't up for it. His response was simple: 'I never thought you'd go through with it.'" After knowing Kutcher inside and out for so long, this was a devastating blow.

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The Monogamy Mistake

Moore was determined to make Kutcher happy, to benefit both of them, no matter what that may be. To prove her commitment level and desire to have fun, she admitted, "I wanted to show him how great and fun I could be… There were two different people we opened our relationship to…"

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Affair ThreesomeAshton Kutcher Demi Moore Affair Threesome
Araya Doheny/Contributor via Getty Images

Demi had to learn that monogamy was more than just an element of life. She wrote, "They were good people, but it was still a mistake. Part of the point of monogamy is the energy of somebody making the sacrifice or the choice for you… As soon as another person is brought in, you are no longer being held in that sacred spot."

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Whatever It Takes

It was evident Moore was all-in when it came to her marriage as she emotionally wrote, "I wanted this marriage to work, and I was willing to do whatever it took, to jump through any hoop." For her, it was love or nothing, and she wasn't ready to give up her dream. Unfortunately, their love ship was sinking.

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore DivorceAshton Kutcher Demi Moore Divorce
Bauer-Griffin/Contributor via Getty Images

Moore knew that this decision could make or break his relationship with Ashton. It came down to either letting the love slowly slip away or working even harder to meet in the middle, and, ultimately, get back on track. But the bad news just came rolling in, confirming things were about to become a lot harder.

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Kutcher's Betrayal

Cheating rumors eventually started swirling. While these rumors were immediately shut down by the couple, Demi noted in Inside Out, "I remember the night they met. We were at a bowling alley with Rumer, and when he went to switch out our shoes, she gave him her number on a napkin. Or that's what he told me at the time."

Demi Moore Ashton Kutcher Cheating AffairDemi Moore Ashton Kutcher Cheating Affair
Alo Ceballos/Contributor via Getty Images

When the blended family arrived home, Demi was stunned when he showed her the note, "That is just gross. We were there with our kid, and she was there with her mother and her sister!" It was only a matter of time before Moore found out Kutcher invited the 21-year-old stranger from the bowling alley to stay over while she was away.

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Pointing the Finger

Demi's memoir revealed a lot about her and Ashton's relationship, including the fact that they invited someone else into it, which caused some confusion for them both. According to Demi, "Ashton said, that blurred the lines and, to some extent, justified what he'd done." Still, there were no excuses for Moore.

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Breakup ScandalAshton Kutcher Demi Moore Breakup Scandal
Dimitrios Kambouris/Staff via Getty Images

She continued, "I think he felt remorse, but he was also looking for a way to deflect blame, to maintain his own perception of himself as a decent family guy… In retrospect, I think all of this was his way of trying to get out of our marriage." She read between the lines. Still, this didn't excuse him for his actions.

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“I Wanted To Be That Girl”

During her adult life, Moore faced a tough battle with substances. Before shooting St. Elmo's Fire, the movie crew put together an intervention for Demi to check herself into rehab before getting back to work—which she spilled all about in her memoir. When it came down filming A Few Good Men, she became obsessed with exercise.

Demi Moore Alcohol Addiction MemoirDemi Moore Alcohol Addiction Memoir
Arnaldo Magnani/Contributor via Getty Images

She confessed, "I didn't feel like I could stop exercising… I wanted to be that girl. The girl who could have a glass of wine at dinner, or do a tequila shot at a party… So I tried to become that: a fun, normal girl." Even so, no matter how hard she tried, even when she found love with Ashton, things didn't get better.

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Pushed Too Far

At Demi's 45th b-day, the night took an unexpected turn. She wrote, "Late that night, we all ended up in the hot tub… If other people hadn't been there, I would have drowned." Ashton was beyond distressed and scooped her up to take her to bed. It was extremely upsetting for both of them.

Demi Moore Addiction Relapse MemoirDemi Moore Addiction Relapse Memoir
Jemal Countess/Staff via Getty Images

She continued to reminisce, "But it was also confusing: Ashton had encouraged me to go in this direction. When I went too far, though, he let me know how he felt by showing a picture he'd taken of me [while intoxicated]." While initially, she humored the situation, she quickly realized he was trying to self-shame her.

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Caught in the Act

More heartbreak came along on their 6th wedding anniversary. Their plans were derailed by an unwelcome Google alert notification. While Demi was working, Mr. Kutcher was spending his weekend with another lover. This confirmed his second affair, leaving Moore devastated. She reached out to him as soon as possible for answers.

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Affair InterviewAshton Kutcher Demi Moore Affair Interview
Theo Wargo/Staff via Getty Images

"He admitted it right away." When Moore was interviewed by Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, she continued to open up, "And I think my response was, 'Are you f---ing kidding me?' That was it. And I think I could barely take a breath." Still, she had to pull herself together as this happened moments before a red carpet appearance.

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Fake It Till You Make It

She continued, "Then I had to hang up and go walk the red carpet praying with every step that this information hadn't gone wide yet, that nobody would thrust a microphone in my face and ask how I felt about my husband of 6 years [seeing] a 21-year-old he'd been hanging out with in a hot tub the weekend of our anniversary."

Demi Moore Red Carpet InterviewDemi Moore Red Carpet Interview
Jeffrey Mayer/Contributor via Getty Images

As she had paparazzi flashed before her eyes, she revealed, "I really thought I might throw up." Unfortunately, that's showbiz, and the show must go on. As an A-list actress, it was almost like a requirement to become camera ready in a matter of seconds. At the time, she was promoting her Lifetime miniseries.

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The End of an Era

After almost a decade of being together and married, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher finally came to the decision to call it quits. They announced their split, and even though it was filled with rough patches along the way, no one saw it coming. Fans felt like their hearts were ripped out on that fateful November 17th in 2011.

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Breakup TimelineAshton Kutcher Demi Moore Breakup Timeline
L. Cohen/Contributor via Getty Images

According to People, the controversial duo was seen out and about together, despite Ashton's two-timing behavior. As Moore established, she was striving for a loving relationship with him, but things just weren't meant to be. Not to mention, Demi wanted to give her time to heal and even speak out about the situation.

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The Return of Mila

Before Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's split was finalized, he reconnected with a former flame - Mila Kunis. Having already tested the waters of romance on screen as costars in That '70s Show, they decided to see if love could be kindled off-screen too. Talk about an epic real-life rollback.

Ashton Kutcher Mila Kunis RelationshipAshton Kutcher Mila Kunis Relationship
@aplusk via Instagram

Ashton and Mila had it all - a loving marriage, and later on, welcomed two beautiful children into the world, Wyatt Isabelle & Dimitri Portwood. But they wanted their life to be kept off the radar. Living very differently compared to what Ashton & Demi experienced before. However, they did not prepare for their lives to change drastically.

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An Elephant in the Room

Demi Moore dropped her memoir Inside Out like an explosive secret. She released it in September 2019, exposing the truth behind her childhood, career journeys, and marriages. More specifically, readers finally encountered the real deal between herself and Ashton Kutcher - this book has stirred emotions for sure.

Ashton Kutcher Podcast Interview WTFAshton Kutcher Podcast Interview WTF
D Dipasupil/Contributor via Getty Images

But while everyone else had something to say, the only one that stayed silent was her ex-husband, according to People. Kutcher failed to acknowledge the memoir - but over a year later, he admitted on WTF with Marc Maron, "There's no badness. It's all good." But it looks like things weren't quite as peachy as the Hollywood actor proclaimed.

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Ashton Speaks Up

After what felt like eternity, Ashton Kutcher finally opened up about Demi Moore's tell-all memoir. In a candid conversation with Esquire magazine on their cover story - during which he held absolutely nothing back – her former husband had us all tuned in for some scintillating drama, and we were not disappointed.

Ashton Kutcher Esquire InterviewAshton Kutcher Esquire Interview
George Pimentel/Contributor via Getty Images

He revealed, "I was f---ing pissed. I'd finally gotten to a place where the press had really laid off me and Mila, and my life and my family. And then the next day, [the paparazzi] are at my kids' school… I don't want to open anything up in that realm." He tried to bite his tongue, but the memoir clearly hit too close to home.

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Mila's Honest Opinion

It seems Mila gave Ashton a reality check. He further elaborated in his Esquire interview. Kutcher specifically admitted that Mila called him out on some questionable behavior from the past few years. When confronted about the rumors, Ashton was surprised by what his wife had to say.

Ashton Kutcher Mila Kunis Relationship InterviewAshton Kutcher Mila Kunis Relationship Interview
Kevork Djansezian / Contributor via Getty Images

The Ted actress did not bite her tongue as Ashton revealed she said to him, "Yeah, you were an *sshole for a good two years." But, he was seemingly finally ready to put in the work and own up to his mistakes after Mila came back into his life. But that's not where this story ends...

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Shake It Off

To keep things amicable, Mila Kunis and Demi Moore took their bond to the next level with a joint appearance in an AT&T commercial for Super Bowl 2022! The two actresses joked about how they both attended the same high school and even ended up marrying Ashton Kutcher – talk about fate, right?

Ashton Kutcher Mila Kunis Red CarpetAshton Kutcher Mila Kunis Red Carpet
PATRICK T. FALLON/Contributor via Getty Images

Demi and Ashton finally reached their closing point. The light-hearted commercial was the perfect way to put an end to anything that could trigger the tabloids and that nothing but love remained between the exes - talk about closure. While it may not have been the conclusion we all wanted, there is no bad blood.

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Learning Lesson

Despite the heartbreak and pain, Moore surprisingly expressed gratitude to her ex-husband Ashton in her memoir. After all that they'd been through together -in good times and bad - she embraced a newfound appreciation for him. She stated, "I'm grateful to Ashton too, believe it or not."

Demi Moore Ashton Kutcher FoundationDemi Moore Ashton Kutcher Foundation
Jon Kopaloff/Contributor via Getty Images

These exes turned lemons into lemonade by teaming up for a good case to help others facing tough issues. She wrote, "Whatever pain we went through together enabled both of us to grow into the people we are today. We continue to collaborate with our foundation, Thorn, and I'm so proud of the work we do."

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Back to Bruce

While Bruce Willis and Moore's marriage was nothing but bliss, the past came back to haunt Demi after receiving news on February 16th, 2023. She wrote on Instagram, "Since we announced Bruce's diagnosis of aphasia in spring 2022, Bruce's condition has progressed, and we now have a more specific diagnosis: frontotemporal dementia."

Demi Moore Bruce Willis InstagramDemi Moore Bruce Willis Instagram
@demimoore via Instagram

According to the Mayo Clinic, frontotemporal dementia is an "umbrella term for a group of brain disorders that primarily affect the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain. These areas of the brain are generally associated with personality, behavior, and language." For anyone under 60, FTD is the most common form of dementia.

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Echoing His Voice

After the Die Hard star revealed his aphasia diagnosis in 2022, he ultimately had to take a break from acting. We can't imagine the pain of having to change his entire life path. Although Bruce Willis likely won't grace our screens again anytime soon, Demi has made it clear his voice will always be present.

Bruce Willis Aphasia DementiaBruce Willis Aphasia Dementia
@demimoore via Instagram

She explained, "Bruce always believed in using his voice in the world to help others and to raise awareness about important issues both publicly and privately… We know in our hearts that – if he could today -- he'd want to respond by bringing global attention and a connectedness with those who are also dealing with [FTD]."

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"Live It Up"

Moore continued to reassure her followers, "As Bruce always says, "Live it up," and together, we plan to do just that." Despite their 1987 to 1998 relationship ending over 2 decades ago, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have defied the odds by maintaining a close bond and are still inseparable even after all these years.

Bruce Willis Wife Family AnnouncementBruce Willis Wife Family Announcement
@emmahemingwillis via Instagram

Willis remarried Emma Hemming in 2009, and Moore was their biggest supporter. Not only did she attend her wedding with then-partner Ashton Kutcher as a show of support, but Willis explained in 2000, "We realize we have a lifelong commitment to our kids. Our friendship continues. The institution has been set aside."

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Battle of the Exes

Although Bruce and Demi may have gone their separate ways, it wasn't always easy to remain amicable - especially when new flames were in the mix. After being single for over 10 years after his divorce, he was shook at first seeing Demi with Ashton. But thanks to Will Smith's support, Bruce overcame those raging jealousies.

Bruce Willis Ashton Kutcher DemiBruce Willis Ashton Kutcher Demi
Patrick McMullan / Contributor via Getty Images

Willis told Playboy in 2007, "During some very dark hours, he talked to me about it. He said, 'Dude, you've got to do whatever it takes to get the kids and all the spouses or the girlfriend together. You've got to show your kids it's okay.' It was like a light went on. Ding. So Will, thanks. And thanks for all those good movies you're making."

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Now What?

Moore and Willis conquered co-parenting. Even through tough times, their family remained close for major events. Rumer told Larry King, "They always made an effort to do all of the family events still together… to still have our family be as one unit, as opposed to two separate things, which I think really made an impact."

demi moore willis family instagramdemi moore willis family instagram
@demimoore via Instagram

Even during quarantine, Demi and Bruce made it extra special by joining forces for 4 weeks over the pandemic - creating one huge blended household. From celebrating all sorts of holidays together to facing trying times as a unit - we're sending positive vibes their way. Our thoughts are with Bruce during this challenging period.

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