Chrissy Teigen Proudly Recaps “First” Sober Thanksgiving

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| LAST UPDATE 11/30/2021

By Jessica Lopez
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The Teigen household's Thanksgiving was extra special this year - and with good reason. Not only did it mark another festive meal with the family, but it marked a major milestone for Chrissy Teigen. From her sobriety journey to the loved-up Instagram post it called for, here's what she had to say...

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Instagram via @chrissyteigen

On Thursday, November 26, the Cravings author took to our feeds to recap Thanksgiving 2021 - otherwise known as "the first time she has ever been able to enjoy everyone enjoying dinner," as she put it. As Teigen revealed, the holiday season used to call for a special ritual, something that ultimately led to her sobriety decision. "I used to start my thanksgiving prep with a shot of cafe patron (COFFEE TEQUILA) and I’d pretty much take another every couple of hours," she confessed.

Suffice to say, Chrissy's doing things differently from now on. And she wouldn't have it any other way. "I didn’t even make any crucial recipe errors this year! toot toot goes the horn!" Teigen joked. "Hope you had a beautiful holiday. grateful for you and your love."

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Instagram via @chrissyteigen

In case you forgot, Teigen's road to sobriety had taken her on quite the journey. From taking a brief hiatus from drinking to relapsing up until her 35th birthday, the proud momma has finally stood her ground. As for what comes next? Her guess is as good as ours. "I still dunno if I’ll never drink again," she confessed. But what she does know? "It no longer serves me in ANY way... I don’t get more fun, I don’t dance, I don’t get relaxed. I get sick, fall asleep and wake up sick, having missed what was probably a fun night."

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Instagram via @chrissyteigen

We couldn't be prouder of our self-care queen. And while she's clearly got lots to be thankful for this holiday season, we can't wait to see what comes next. Until then? Stay tuned. (And check out Chrissy's must-have Thankgiving recipes for next Turkey Day. Thank us later.)