Camila Cabello Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles During COVID

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| LAST UPDATE 11/23/2021

By Danielle Mejia

It's safe to say that 2020 wasn't the easiest of years, and celebs and regular folks like us all felt the stress of the pandemic. And while Camila Cabello found herself struggling with severe mental health issues when COVID first hit, the brave singer is now ready to share her story.

camila cabello pandemic strugglescamila cabello pandemic struggles
Instagram via @camila_cabello

Camila got candid when chatting during the Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk series, and she opened up about how the beginning of the pandemic turned her life completely upside down. "Before the pandemic, I felt really burnt out," the 24-year-old pop star confessed. "I had been working pretty nonstop since I was 15. And the rigor with which I started working, there was no time off." Before she knew it, the young artist found herself in a difficult cycle, but she was too busy to really notice. "With these toxic levels of stress, it wasn't even a meltdown because I would just work through it," Camila explained of her old bad habits.

camila cabello anxiety interviewcamila cabello anxiety interview
Instagram via @camila_cabello

Looking back, Cabello wished that things had been different, and compared to her pre-pandemic lifestyle to "running a marathon on a broken leg. I wish that I could've just been like, 'Let me just stop for a second and get a nice cast for my broken leg and get some physical therapy,'" Camila explained. "But I didn't. COVID stepped in and kind of did it for me." But that didn't mean that the lockdown came as a blessing for the Don't Go Yet singer - it actually made things worse at first.

"I felt so anxious, cripplingly anxious," she confessed during the interview. "I just felt really unstable, and I just felt a mess because suddenly, this thing that was distracting me, my work and [filming Cinderella], was not there." So how did our Havana singer get through it? By reaching out for helping and learning "tools" to stay connected and grounded during the uncertain time. "I definitely asked for help," Camila explained. And through it all, she learned to ease off the gas and "have time for friendships and connection with people."

It wasn't easy, but our girl Camila made it to the other side and we couldn't be prouder! Stay tuned for more honest celebrity interviews.