Britney Spears Tears Down New Documentary

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| LAST UPDATE 09/29/2021

By Joyce Ballard
Britney Spears Instagram Post
Andreas Rentz / Staff via Getty Images

The Princess of Pop is speaking her mind once more. This time, Britney took to the Gram with some sarcastic commentary about the recent documentary covering her life and conservatorship. While Spears didn't specify which of the latest docs she was discussing, one thing's clear: Brit's not a fan.

Britney Spears Criticizes Documentary
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"It's really crazy guys ... I watched a little bit of the last documentary and I must say I scratched my head a couple of times," the singer started off, accompanied by an eye-rolling and shrugging emojis. Interestingly, a since-deleted post uploaded earlier in the day had an almost identical caption except for this part: "I watched a little bit of the last documentary and I hate to inform you but a lot of what you heard is not true," the original caption read.

Britney Spears Rose Project
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"I really try to disassociate myself from the drama !!! Number one ... that's the past !!! Numer two ... can the dialogue get any classier [shrug, nerd, and sobbing emojis] ???" Spears continued. "Number three ... wow they used the most beautiful footage of me in the world [weary emoji] !!!" You always look good to us, queen.

"What can I say .. the EFFORT on their part [applause and eye-rolling emojis] !!! " Brit added. "Wow ... since it's such a kind world I will say The Rose Project did stick and I will tell you why ... do you think things happen for a reason or by chance ???" And that's when things started to get a little confusing for fans...

Britney Spears Talks Conservatorship
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"The Rose Project - MY ROSE PROJECT - made me a believer," the star shared before detailing a serendipitous story. So what exactly is this flower project? Back in August, Britney announced on the Gram that Project Rose was a year and nine days old at the time. But the 39-year-old has never been too clear about what the project is.

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But, of course, that hasn't stopped dedicated fans from speculating. And with the release of Hulu's Controlling Britney Spears, some couldn't help but notice all of the roses featured in the background throughout the documentary. "I believe this is all a part of #projectrose," one fan tweeted. And they were certainly not alone. Still, others don't think that it's even the Princess of Pop herself writing these Insta posts.

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