Here's Why Ashley Tisdale Wouldn't Reprise Her Role as Sharpay

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| LAST UPDATE 08/13/2021

By Jessica Lopez
ashley tisdale hsm sharpay
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It's out with the old and in with the new: Sharpay Evans might be feeling fabulous, but her off-screen self is all grown up. Actress Ashley Tisdale just opened up about her famous role in High School Musical. Here's why she'd never reprise the iconic character if given the chance...

ashley tisdale sharpay evans

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Disney star sat down to take us on a trip down memory lane. And from the sounds of it? She won't be bopping to the top anytime soon. "I just feel like I wouldn't be able to really do that again and give it justice," Tisdale revealed when asked if she'd ever play Sharpay Evans again.

high school musical sharpay

But that's not the only reason she doesn't plan on sticking to the status quo. "I think at that moment in time, I was very unaware of myself and my surroundings, and I feel like that's a big part of Sharpay," Ashley Tisdale confessed of playing a naive diva. "She is just not really aware, and so as I grew up and became more aware, I think that it's just something that it wouldn't be the same." 

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ashley tisdale sharpay evans

Safe to say, the proud mother (that's right, she now has a baby) has come a long way since her time on Disney Channel. But while she's decided to move on to playing more serious, commendable characters, she's got nothing but love for her time at East High. "It's so good, and it's like, for me, I would hate to ruin something that is perfect for that moment," she assured.