Ariana Grande Performs 'off the table' Live on VEVO

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| LAST UPDATE 07/25/2021

By Danielle Mejia
ariana weeknd live performance
Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

Vevo Official Live Performances have been the soundtrack of summer 2021 and we're not mad about it one bit. And dominating the channel has been none other than Ariana Grande. And she's back with another live video from her recent album.

ariana vevo live performance
John Shearer / Contributor via Getty Images

Ari's been giving her latest album Positions new life with these intimate performances. And the July 14th upload was no exception. The recently married singer teamed up with her regular partner in crime, The Weeknd for one of their joint tracks. They dropped a live performance of off the table from the 2020 record and it certainly lived up to the album hype. And while the whole Vevo collection was meant to highlight the artists' raw talents, the visual elements of the video did not disappoint by any means.

Her other performances on the channel include 34+35, my hair, safety net, and pov. And throughout these iconic videos, the 28-year-old artist looks incredible along with her fairytale aesthetic that has been a perfect match for her out-of-this-world voice. The 7 rings singer and her backup band have been performing on a grass and flower-covered stage washed with a colored glow. It was such a great fit for the soft vocals in the track and served as the ultimate backdrop for Ari and Abel's slowed-down bop. And Grande came prepared for this gig and matched her outfit with the vibes from head to toe.

vevo live ariana weeknd
Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

The Grammy Award-winning singer performed off the table in a black floral dress to match the stage's flowers and topped it off with some glittery knee-high boots. The look was down-to-earth and simple and totally went with the video's flow. And it was quite a switch from some of the artist's more extra outfits from past appearances. And the fans seemed to eat the whole thing up. In less than 24 hours the video has climbed to over 1.75 million views and has received tons of love in the comments. "This performance literally brought me to tears they sound incredible together," one fan wrote.

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And we couldn't agree more! Here's to hoping that we've got more Ariana tracks coming our way soon. Thank u, next!