Tom Brady Serves Laughs & Love This Father's Day


| LAST UPDATE 06/21/2022

By Dina Wu
tom brady instagram family
Mike Ehrmann / Staff via Getty Images

This week, fathers were celebrated in several countries across the world - including famous ones. Tom Brady was one celebrity dad who shared how his Father's Day went with his millions of fans. And, of course, it made us LOL.

A hilarious video posted by the quarterback on Twitter on June 19th began with him showing his fans the megaphone that Hertz "let him keep" after their shoot, as he explained it. "It's exactly what I need for Father's Day." Our few seconds of curiosity following that sentence were gone in almost an instant. The next thing we knew, we were watching the professional athlete run around his house with his megaphone, using it to make sure his family heard his several requests for the day's plans. "Good morning Brady family, happy Father's Day!" he said with determination. 

Tom Brady children instagram
Instagram via @gisele
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"Excuse me, has anyone seen my lawn-mowing shoes?" he said into the megaphone in the next part of the clip, as he entered one of the bedrooms. LOL. We could definitely tell no one in the Brady family was more excited about Father's Day than Tom Brady himself. "We will be leaving the house in the rental car at 12 noon," he went on to announce. And he certainly didn't forget to put in a special request for their evening meal that day. "I would love tacos for dinner tonight, please," he declared, before repeating, "Tacos for dinner - for Father's Day. Thank you." A few seconds later, the father-of-three was seen using his megaphone yet again to call his children downstairs for the big feast. We're not going to lie - we sort of wish he also showed us the table full of tacos!

Brady's wife, Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen, took to Instagram to share a photo of him with their daughter on the beach. In the photo, he smiled at the camera as his daughter gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Daddy's number one cheerleader!" Gisele gushed in the caption. "We love you so much!!! Happy father's Day! A torcedora número 1 do papai! Nós te amamos muito!! Feliz dia dos pais!" Awww. We're glad we can always count on Brady to share hilarious and heartwarming moments with the rest of us...

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