The Wholesome & Hilarious Reason Dads Are Trending on TikTok


| LAST UPDATE 02/10/2023

By Lesley Gary
Dad TikTok Funny Viral Trend
@nicolamfranta via Instagram

If you're looking for a good laugh, then forget about all the TikTok trends and check out the 'sometimes all you need is your dad' challenge! This funny, witty challenge has taken social media users on an emotional rollercoaster of hilariousness and tears. Let's take a look.

Let's be real. Dads are unintentionally too comic. Not to mention, we think it's safe to say that dad jokes are, in fact, more entertaining than we let off. Forget about boring comedy skits or stand-up acts, get ready to cry tears of laughter with this challenge. Grab your brother or bestie - because two funny people are always better than one – and a tissue box. To create this humorous recipe, all you need is a classic dad, some of his corny phrases, and sound effects, and there you have it, a TikTok masterpiece. Get ready for some funny dad-jokes and moods that'll go from funny to teary real easily - but let's face it, sometimes laughter is the best medicine. So, what do all dads have in common? Well, they can sometimes be the most complex people to communicate with. But this crazy new trend has accumulated at least 2 million views.

Dad TikTok Viral Texting Fail
@levomentol via Instagram
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It's funny how even without a single punctuation mark or emoji, dads can still manage to elicit laughter from us. With technology on the rise, as well as classic dad nostalgia complaints, their replies usually consist of a basic thumbs up or, 'ok.' Still, whether it's sharing funny comments on social media or cracking jokes every now and then, they definitely have the wit to make us laugh, even if it's unintentional. The hilarious trend began on Twitter, as users began sharing sentences like, "sometimes all you need is your dad." The screenshots are then put into a TikTok slideshow video, followed by classic dad moments. From multiple phone calls between short intermissions to basic responses, it just goes to show how adorable dads are.

@brynfoste #greenscreen #mybestfriend #dad #sometimesallyouneedisyourdad #text #fyp ♬ here with me - Ajat

Other people soon started joining in on the trend themselves. We've seen people recreating silly scenes with their relatives and BFFs - proving that humor comes in many forms! From daughters telling their old man, "go follow this girl on Instagram and show me her pics" to puns and dad jokes, we'd love to see what cute and funny things other people's families come up with next!

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