TikTok is Loving This Influencer's Celeb Impersonations


| LAST UPDATE 01/06/2022

By Joyce Ballard
Influencer imitating celebrities
Instagram via @stefachka

Like many people living in La La Land, Stefanie Yunger is an aspiring actress working hard to make her dreams come true. But unlike everyone else, she's blessing us with some LOL-worthy impersonations of Hollywood's A-listers along the way. Keep scrolling to see why the online world can't get enough of Stefanie's content.

This California gal got her comedy start in Miami, Florida, where she performed in community plays and wrote her own comedy sketches. And that was just the beginning - Stefanie's passion for the comedic world has only grown since. Her social media is overflowing with hilarious impressions of famous people, alter egos giving life advice in a variety of accents, and sketch comedy. But choosing our favorite pieces out of Yunger's many hilarious videos isn't hard: we fell in love as soon as we saw her impersonating the likes of Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Coolidge.

TikToker celebrity impersonations, funny
Instagram via @stefachka
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Stefanie first gave followers a peek into her many talents when she posted a "10 accents and impressions in 60 seconds" video. The challenge involved just what the name says - and the young influencer wowed the internet with her authentic-sounding accents and uncanny ability to quickly switch from one to another at the snap of a finger. But among moments of a Parisian or Russian accent were these gems: impersonations of Jennifer Coolidge and Emma Stone. The internet went wild for the content, and the clip quickly got over a million likes on TikTok. And then one dedicated follower had a brilliant idea: they face swapped Yunger's face with the celebrities' faces.

@stefanieyunger This face swap ap is getting dangerous lol #impressions #accentchallenge #comedy #funny #celebrities #fy #fyp ♬ original sound - Stefanie Yunger

And the 26-year-old is not one to ruin the party - she hopped on board and began using face swap for all of her celeb-inspired acts. "This face swap ap is getting dangerous lol," Yunger captioned one of her videos. Check out the hilarious clip for yourself above. From her impersonation of Margot Robbie to Sarah Jessica Parker, we promise it won't disappoint. "I was too frazzled to bear it. Do I call 9-1-1? Or do I just scream, 'John!' and hold him, dying, in the shower?" Stefanie wonders in a perfect Carrie Bradshawesque voice. You can check out more of the actress's LMAO content on TikTok or the Gram.

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