How TikTok Comedians Are Normalizing the "Mom Pooch"


| LAST UPDATE 12/21/2022

By Lesley Gary
Mom Pooch TikTok Funny Viral
@emilyvondy via Instagram

Listen up, folks, the moms of the world are once again saving the day! In the world of TikTok, there are always those viral videos that break the fourth wall, providing scrollers with a little T.L.C. Recently, a mother has gone viral for responding to a TikTok challenge. Let's take a look.

In early December, social media and fashion influencer, @StyledByIrene, came online with a new video, asking her followers to come up with a few new names for the "mom pooch." If you've been blessed with the gift of giving birth, you'll likely be aware of the physical effects. Need we say this is completely normal, just a little reminder our bodies are in full force, ladies! StyledByIrene expressed to her audience, "can we normalize this right here," as she rubbed her lower abdomen. She continues to say, "And I don't want it to be called like the mom pooch, can we come up with something else for this?" Well, the video sparked ideas for one user in particular. Emily Vondracheck, a mama of four, took this challenge in her stride, responding with an Instagram video herself. The comebacks are everything about mom humor and more.

Mom Pooch TikTok Mom Viral
@emilyvondy via Instagram
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Vondrachek clearly thought about this before because she had an entire roster of alternatives. She begins with the classic "uterus fanny pack," defining it as "looking like a whole snack." But that's not all. The 32-year-old had a collection of nine alternative names, "My hoo-ha hat sits on top of my cat / My body baker protects my miracle maker / When I look at my tummy, I can't forget to thank her." But that wasn't all. The list continued, "My organ overalls, my ovary overcoat. My fallopian frock, yeah, she's the bloat goat. My lovin' oven, my mighty magic muffin." Vondrachek explained to Today, "There's this pressure so many women feel to have a perfectly flat tummy right after having a baby... And sometimes that's just not possible no matter how much exercise you do." She continued, "Why should we have to fight our bodies? Why should we feel less beautiful for the ways in which our bodies have changed? We should feel more confident - more beautiful for what our body has done."

Thankfully, Vondrachek had a mass of responses flooding through her comment section, commending the supermom for touching in with reality. One person reached out with a heartfelt comment, "This is the only thing that needs to be on the internet." We're all for this female empowerment!

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