This TikToker's Hilarious "Manifesto" Has Gone Viral


| LAST UPDATE 01/17/2022

By Zoe Browning
bimbo manifesto tiktok
@gsgetlonelytoo via Instagram

Many TikTok users have joined in on a trend where they explain their set of "rules" for certain aspects of their life. For example, user @thejarr has shown her followers a step-to-step rule book on how to work from home, rules for being ghosted, for flirting, etc. And now, Fiona Fairbairn (@gsgetlonelytoo) has provided girls with a hilarious Bimbo manifesto. Here's why it's going viral.

In her video, Fairbairn named 10 rules that should be followed if a person wants to be a bimbo. From "only focus on u and ur looks at all time" to 'just say IDK to every question," she covered it all. While some followers criticized Fairbairn's list, others praised it. One commenter noted, "it's weaponizing feminine stereotypes against the patriarchy. I'm here for it." Another wrote, "It's funny that bimbofication is mostly adopting male behaviors lmaoooo."


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But Fiona doesn't just talk about how to be a bimbo on TikTok - she even has an entire podcast dedicated to the subject called, The Bimbo Manifesto. In her opinion, it's a powerful move when a woman follows her rules. She provided listeners with famous examples, such as Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and the fictional character Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. What do all these women have in common? Unfortunately, each one is perceived by society as a "bimbo", but at the end of the day, these women are all extremely smart, successful, and independent! To Fiona, we girls shouldn't spend our precious time trying to prove the patriarchy wrong. Instead? We should use it to our advantage. "Don't ask what misogyny does to you," Fiona explained. "Ask what it can do for you." Yes, queen!

elle woods viral tiktok
Tracy Bennett/Mgm/Kobal via Shutterstock

This revolutionized way of thinking came to the Bimbo manifesto creator after ending a toxic relationship with a narcissistic man. When they broke things off, Fiona vowed to never let anyone else treat her that way. Today, her goal is to get girls everywhere to do the same. She explained, "If you teach people to like change your mindset and love themselves, then these types of situations can be avoided." Bimbofication isn't just dumbing yourself down - it's owning your own confidence and being your authentic self. To get more tips, check out Fiona's podcast.

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