Old Footage of Taylor Swift Is Trending – & It’s Hilarious


| LAST UPDATE 06/26/2022

By Dina Wu
Taylor Swift viral TikTok
JMEnternational / Contributor via Getty Images

For many of us, bugs are absolutely no joke. But apparently, they can freak out even the most famous of celebrities. An old clip of Taylor Swift stuck in such a situation has just resurfaced on social media, and it's both hilarious and relatable.

One Swiftie, a TikTok user named @lia.is.fearless, shared a video of Swift screaming after she realized something was crawling on her dress while she was filming the music video for Love Story. In the video, we see the singer in her iconic classy updo, sitting in the back of a car, when all of a sudden, she looks down and sees a giant bug with long legs lurking on her dress. She claps her hands to her mouth immediately and screams, "Oh my God!" If it sounds like something out of a horror movie, that's because it probably almost was - not only for Taylor Swift, but for the nearly 300,000 users who watched the hilariously terrifying video.

Taylor Swift hilarious TikTok
Don Arnold / Contributor via Getty Images
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"And you wanna scream," the user who posted the TikTok wrote in the caption, quoting the lyrics from Taylor Swift's 2020 song illicit affairs from her eighth studio album, Folklore. We're not gonna lie, it's hard not to scream when we see a massive bug latched onto someone's clothes - even if they aren't our own - but the video was also too funny not to laugh at. And the comments section of the video showed just that.

@lia.is.fearless And you wanna scream... #taylorswift #swiftie #swifttok #greekswiftie #fypシ #pridemonth ♬ original sound - _taylor.swift.fp13🧣⸆⸉

The video, which has gained more than 75,000 likes so far, was taken from the behind-the-scenes shots from her music album, Fearless. Users who commented on the viral clip used the name of the singer's second studio album to joke about the video. "I love the fearful era," one user joked, while another wrote, "in her fearless era not being fearless." Another comment on the hilarious video read, "this is iconic." We couldn't agree more. One fan even joked that the bug "wanted an autograph" from the Grammy-winning singer. LOL - can we blame it? Another user, who appeared to be able to relate to the singer's screams, said, "No, because if it was me, I would have started taking the dress off CUT THE CAMERAS." Honestly, same. Be sure to stick around for more hilarious news!

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