College Student Goes Viral After Hilariously Winning a $20 Bet


| LAST UPDATE 06/27/2021

By Jessica Lopez
Sydney fowls, pool noodle
Facebook via Sydney Fowls

What would you do for $20 bucks? For one "broke college student," it called for checking-in some pretty questionable luggage during a recent flight. And it just morphed her into an online sensation. Here's why the documented endeavor is going viral...

Sydney, pool noodle, viral
Facebook via Sydney Fowls

It all started when Ohio native, Sydney Fowls headed towards the airport for her latest flight from Columbus to Tampa. Only this time around, the college student did so with a pool noodle in tow - yes, really. From check-in to baggage claim, the amused traveler made sure to document her travel companion's entire journey.


My pool noodle traveled from Ohio —-> Florida

♬ Vacation - Dirty Heads

But what exactly prompted her to take advantage of Southwest Airline’s two bags fly-free policy? "It was a $20 bet!! As a broke college student who is an education major… I just couldn’t resist,” Fowls joked of the questionable decision. Sure enough, it wasn't long before her hilariously bold move took the internet by storm.

Sydney, pool noodle, bet
Facebook via Sydney Fowls

Not only did her original post rake in over 11 million likes, but even Southwest Airlines decided to join in on the fun. "The amazing Southwest employees filled the baggage claim with pool noodles and beach balls to show their appreciation, saying it made their day," Sydney gushed of the viral exchange.

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Safe to say, the college student's trip to the Sunshine State was certainly one for the books. And while we're certainly amused by her viral deed, we'd be lying if we said we're not also feeling very inspired...