Sophie Turner and Her Beau's Parody Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 01/27/2022

By Joyce Ballard
Joe Jonas Sophie Turner
James Devaney / Contributor via Getty Images

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are the gift that keeps on giving. Don't believe us? Their latest social media contribution is all of the proof you'll need. Seriously, forget your ab workouts today because you're about to get some good chuckles for those muscles. Here's why the internet can't stop talking about - and laughing over - the power couple's viral video.

Some of us who are reality tv lovers might've felt a bit lost when it was initially announced that Keeping Up with the Kardashians was no more (little did we know that they were just rebranding with Hulu). But Sophie and Joe are here to make us feel right back at home with their reenactment of a LOL-worthy clip from the hit show. Yeah, we can't believe it, either. First, they bless us with endless steamy couple's pics, the coolest wedding of the century in Vegas, and good humor - and now more funny TikToks?! We don't deserve them. But let's enjoy it, anyway.

Joe Jonas Sophie Funny
Instagram via @sophiet
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It's far from Joe and Sophie's first rodeo - the duo has gone viral in the past with other Kardashian-Jenner impersonations. So when we heard there was another one making the rounds on social media, we were understandably hyped. And the content did not disappoint. This time, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas chose an iconic scene from 2015 between Kim and Khloe. The original moment showed Khloe talking to Kim while the mom-of-four only pretends to listen as she works away on her phone. The couple had Joe play Khloe while Sophie acted as Kim... and the result was pure magic.



♬ original sound - Dash City

The clip starts with Joe (as Khloe) telling Sophie (as Kim) how tired he is from a recent trip to Australia. "I'm so jet-lagged from Australia," Joe lip-syncs to Khloe's voice. The camera then turns to Sophie, who's obnoxiously typing away on her phone, and answers (without bothering to look up): "You are? Why?" And that's when Joe responds in a low-key sassy way, "Because I just got back from Australia..." But the best part of all was a little detail hidden in plain sight: the person Sophie was seen texting was named "Pete," and there was a message from him that read, "U have the bombest ***." Drops the mic.

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