Snoop Dogg Brings Laughs to 'Wheel of Fortune'


| LAST UPDATE 10/03/2022

By Lesley Gary
Snoop Dogg Wheel Of Fortune
Steve Jennings/TechCrunch via Getty Images

As part of one of the latest game show specials, Snoop Dogg starred as a guest on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune - and fans couldn't get enough! Recently, the brain-busting game show commenced its newest season, but audiences witnessed a different kind of episode. Safe to say, even Pat couldn't keep a straight face...

Wheel of Fortune began in 1975 and has now run for 40 seasons. But, the creators behind the show blessed us in 2021 with a celebrity version that has now been successful for the three seasons. Previous guest stars have included Laverne Cox, Raven Symoné, John Michael Higgins, and Donny Osmand. While these appearances were brilliant, the D O double G has now taken first place, considering the audience's reaction. Snoop has humor like no other and won the crowd over with his winning smile, cool shades, and a Death Row Records sweatshirt. As the rapper joined the hosts on stage, no one had a clue of how it was going to go down. But, with multiple wrong answers and constant laughter, the episode did not disappoint.

Snoop Dogg Wheel Fortune
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images
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The Drop It Like It's Hot rapper went up against actor Mark Duplass and comedian Amanda Seales. The first segment which really turned some heads was 'Toss Up.' In this segment, Snoop and co. watched letters individually appear on the screen in the hope they could figure out what the words were before time was up. Snoop, being Snoop, took the plunge and guessed that the letters 'B, K, N, G, and O, N, S' transformed into the words 'baking onions.So close Snoop. But, Seales pressed her bell to give Snoop a run for his money, stating the correct answer of 'baking brownies.' LOL. The comedian joked to Snoop, screaming, "you should know that!" That wasn't all. When it came to a two-word guess, with the letters T_L_N_E_D A_T_S_, the Young, Wild n' Free singer recklessly threw out the guess, 'toilet atlas.' He was not done yet. Snoop also guessed 'airport teacher' when figuring out which underwater stunt this could be. Snoop didn't give up and finalized his appearance with the correct answer, "Sun's out, buns out," when guessing the phrase. As they all say, consistency is key!

So, while Snoop didn't exactly play by the rules of fortune, his episode definitely scored some numbers! It was an excellent choice for whoever decided to bring him on the show, as fans already want him back in the future for some lighthearted fun. Although, it might be hard for Snoop to find the time as he is currently working on more music. Until next time, stay tuned!

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