Shay Mitchell is Officially Queen of TikTok


| LAST UPDATE 03/27/2022

By Danielle Mejia
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Instagram via @shaymitchell

While she may no longer be getting ambushed by Joe in You or hanging with her gal pals in Dollface, Shay Mitchell is finding a way - as usual - to keep us entertained. But there are no scripts here, rather we're LOL-ing at her hilarious TikToks that she regularly posts to her account.

The 34-year-old actress has always maintained an active social media account. From her successful brands to upcoming projects, she's always found a way to connect with fans and remain relevant throughout her years in Hollywood. But Shay also adopted a much more personal, down-to-earth approach to social media when it came to embracing motherhood. Since the birth of her firstborn, Atlas, the stylish momma has shared adorable pictures and videos. But like a lot of moms out there, Shay also doesn't shy away from the not-so-glamorous side of life - and it makes for some pretty hilarious content. From the ups and downs of life with a toddler to the downsides of pregnancy, Mitchell has been making her followers laugh with her relatable struggles... all 6.8 million of them! So, what exactly has been making us LOL?

viral celebrity shay mitchell
Instagram via @shaymitchell
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Well, Shay put her own spin on Inventing Anna by taking the audio of one of the con artist's more quotable lines. "I do not have time for this! I do not have time for you!" we hear Anna yell as Shay kicks her way down her stairs filled with her partner's multiple pairs of shoes. "Everyday. Damn. Day," Shay teased in the comments. In another one of her viral videos, a very pregnant Mitchell poked fun at her foiled summer plans due to the baby on the way. "When you plan an epic girls trip for the summer but your period math was wrong," she captions as she dances and rubs her belly along to a parody version of Daddy Yankee's Gasolina. "No Mykonos for me..." she captioned the video that raked in over a million likes.


Every night.

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If you want to enjoy some more laughs of your own, you can check out more of Shay's LOL-worthy content on her TikTok account, @shaymitchell. And of course, be sure to check back soon for more hilarious content trending online!

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