Scarlett Johansson Brings the Laughs to Weather Reporting


| LAST UPDATE 03/20/2023

By Dina Wu
Scarlett Johansson weather TODAY
David Crotty / Contributor via Getty Images

Move over meteorologists, Scarlett Johansson is taking over the weather reporting game! The Black Widow actress made her third appearance on Today show yesterday, and this time her weather reporting skills were sharper than ever. Okay, maybe not sharper, but at least she tried!

Al Roker introduced Scarlett, 38, as part of a time-honored tradition. The actress dived straight into the weather forecast and began to show off her cough meteorology knowledge. "Alright you guys, here's the weather. You got this map here, there's a little bit of blue, a little bit of pink," she said, leaving everyone in the studio in peals of laughter. As Roker pointed out the snow in Rocky Mountains, Scarlett quipped, "Who wants all that? When is spring coming?" Preach, sister! According to the weather map, Midwestern temperatures are destined to be frigid, and Johansson had the perfect reaction. "Oh my goodness, the 20s! This is Netflix and chill weather!"

Scarlett Johansson Al Roker
YouTube via Access Hollywood
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When Roker told Scarlett that Texas temperatures would creep up to 90 degrees, the actress had a hilarious response. "Oh, that's hot! That is too hot!" The weather duo had a good laugh when the actress asked what "milder highs" meant. Roker quickly dispelled her confusion, mentioning that it had nothing to do with getting high! Seriously, with all the laughter, it's a miracle they were able to finish the weather report at all. Johansson has been on the show for a while, dating back to 2012 when Roker had laryngitis. Being the confident woman that she is, she jumped in, and, of course, slayed. "It's a dream come true!" she said, as she kicked and waved with a jazz hand pose. That phrase may have been misused in this particular situation, but who cares? It's Scarlett Johansson, y'all! Seeing just how good she was, Johansson made a comeback appearance in April 2022, letting Roker know that she was an "old pro" - and, honestly, we believe her! Who wouldn't love watching winning banter between Al and Scarlett, as they report on different meteorological wonders?

Well done Scarlett – after all, what's a better way to break up the monotony of the weather than tossing in some humor? We're all hoping she'll be back soon for the fourth installment… or maybe to try her hand at something else entirely – cooking or sports, maybe? Either way, we're waiting eagerly for her next Today show appearance!

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