ScarJo Stars in Hilarious Super Bowl Ad


| LAST UPDATE 02/09/2022

By Danielle Mejia
scarlett super bowl commercial
Amy Sussman / Staff via Getty Images

February is an exciting month. For some, it's all about Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day. And for others, it may be all about the Super Bowl! But over here at Sarcasm Therapy, we're looking forward to one thing and one thing only: Super Bowl commercials! This is the time when we get to see our favorite celebs appear in hilarious ads scheduled for commercial breaks during the game. And they're certainly worth the wait, just check out what Scarlett Johansson and her husband Colin Jost dropped this week!

The Hollywood power couple teamed up with Amazon to bring us a LOL-worthy commercial that showed the relatable white lies we sometimes tell in marriage - all with the fun twist of Amazon's Alexa and her mastermind ways. What starts out as Colin beaming about his Super Sunday set up courtesy of the AI device quickly escalates into a daydream sequence about what would happen if the device could truly anticipate our thoughts. "Is Alexa reading minds a good idea? No. No it is not," the advertisement caption read. And it didn't take long for us to understand exactly why that feature wouldn't be as helpful as it may seem...

scarlett johansson amazon commerical
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor via Getty Images
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From digs at morning breath to awkward confessions about filming intimate scenes in movies, all of Colin and Scarlett's inner thoughts were revealed thanks to Alexa's superpowers - which made for some pretty awkward moments between the married couple and their friends. In fact, the all-knowing device threw Johansson under the table at a dinner party when she tried to pass off a Whole Foods dish as a homemade family recipe. Yikes! You can catch the hilarious one-and-a-half-minute ad below and join the nearly 10 million viewers who can't get enough of this comedic commercial. "She seriously needs to do more comedy roles. She is awesome," one person praised in the comments, with another adding, "The person that made these commercials deserves an Emmy."

And the best part of all? We've got a few more days before the big sporting event to catch even more ads starring your favorite celebs. Be sure to check back soon for more hilarious content!

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