Rosalia Rehashes Hilarious Wrong Number Mishap


| LAST UPDATE 03/13/2022

By Dina Wu
rosalia harry styles viral
Taylor Hill / Contributor via Getty Images

Some of the funniest trips down memory lane seem to go down at talk shows. And Rosalía's recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon appeared to be no different. The singer recounted a hilariously awkward situation that took place when Harry Styles once texted her - or at least, he thought he did.

Rosalía shared with Jimmy Fallon that it all happened because of her habit of changing her phone number very often in order to focus more on her work. "I thought when you use a phone number, then it disappears," confessed the 29-year-old singer. "My friends thought that they were texting me [but] they were texting random people." Apparently, one person who fell victim to Rosalía's constant phone-number-changing was none other than Harry Styles himself. Rosalía revealed that the Sign of the Times singer had texted her to let her know how much he liked one of her songs. But it turned out he was sharing his opinions with a total stranger instead! And if the whole situation weren't funny enough, she pulled her phone, which she apparently stashed in her boots, to show Fallon proof of the exchange.

rosalia harry styles viral
Europa Press News / Contributor via Getty Images
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In the screenshot that was shown to the very amused audience, Harry Styles, thinking he was writing to Rosalía, called her song "so beautiful." The reply by the random person he was texting read, "I know my darling," to which Harry responded with, "Love it." The two then hilariously exchanged their 'I love yous' before the anonymous texter then admitted they had absolutely no idea who was texting them. "Haha sorry, you're wrong," they wrote. "I don't know who you are." Poor Harry then had to confess, "I'm confused," and after that, the unnamed prankster seemed to be done going along with the joke. "This number belongs to someone before," they wrote, before adding, "But now it's my number. So don't bother me anymore. Good night. Thanks." LOL.

Needless to say, The Tonight Show's audience was in stitches over the abrupt and confusing end to what had started out as a rather charming conversation. Rosalía then hilariously pointed out how the anonymous texter must feel if they were watching Fallon's show and thinking, "I said, 'Don't bother me anymore,' to Harry Styles!" Whoever this person is, something tells us they just might be eating their words after hearing Rosalía's hilarious story.

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