Rahm's Funny Grand Slam Plan: Porta-Potties on Every Hole


| LAST UPDATE 08/10/2023

By Dina Wu
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Andy Lyons / Staff via Getty Images

Let's talk about Jon Rahm, the golf superstar who's got a wicked swing and an even wicked-er sense of humor. This guy, he's not just about birdies and bogeys, no siree! He's got a request so hilariously out-of-left-field that it made the internet do a collective spit-take.

So here's the scene: A reporter casually asked Jon what single change he'd like to see on the PGA Tour. Jon leaned in and gave a rather hilariously unexpected answer: "How about a porta-potty at every hole?" Yes, you read that correctly. Porta-potties. Those plastic cubicles of convenience, dotting the landscape of every hole on a golf course. The suggestion was too hilarious. "I know, I know, it sounds like I've been hitting a few too many balls into the water," Rahm chuckles, "But honestly, when nature calls, you can't exactly put her on hold, right?"

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David Cannon / Contributor via Getty Images
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And seriously, he's got a point. Have you ever stopped to wonder how these golfing legends manage their... let's say... 'biological breaks' during those marathon hours on the green? Exactly. Jon's idea isn't just hilarious, it's flipping brilliant! The internet went absolutely wild over this. Comments flooded in, memes sprouted up like weeds, tweets flew around like a flock of startled birds. GOLF.com labelled his request "pretty funny," but they also highlighted that there was something important nestled in there. No pun intended, of course.

Daily Star Sport chimed in, saying, "Spanish golfer Jon Rahm is nothing if not a simple man." Well, when you're dealing with nature's call, simplicity really is the key, isn't it? Meanwhile, Bunkie Perkins was all for making it socially acceptable to "just find a bush off the fairway." And golf analyst Smylie Kaufman? They were totally on board with Jon's groundbreaking idea. So there you have it. Jon Rahm, the man with a plan for when nature decides to ring while you're on the golf course. Who knew the PGA could be this much fun? Talk about a hole in one!

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