Hilarious Clip of Lorde Shushing Her Audience Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 04/28/2022

By Zoe Browning
lorde viral tiktok concert
Andrew Chin / Contributor via Getty Images

If your TikTok For You Page or your Twitter feed is always filled with hilarious memes, then you've probably already seen the viral video of Lorde shushing the crowd. Way back in 2017-2018, the singer was on tour promoting her album Melodrama, and during her performance of the song Writer in the Dark, she often made sure no one in the crowd was singing. It happened so much that now after many shared their very own videos, there are even compilations of Lorde awkwardly shushing her fans...

Obviously, this garnered a huge reaction from users online, who quickly worked their magic and made hilarious memes. "Lorde when she sees her fans opening their mouths to sing," one user teased, alongside a gig of Kris Jenner holding up a weapon. Another found an old video of the 25-year-old saying "shut up," and they captioned it, "Lorde when the crowd starts singing." LOL.

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But Twitter users weren't the only ones pulling out their funniest content -many users on TikTok also posted their own jokes. One user wrote "POV: you went to a Lord concert and had the audacity to sing along" on a video where he pretended to be the singer telling the viewer to be quiet.

lorde shush viral tiktok
Kevin Winter / Staff via Getty Images

The resurfaced videos made their way through the internet so much that even the singer herself had seen what fans were saying. So she decided to respond by sharing a video on Instagram. "OK, I just woke up. I just wanted to talk about this thing of me shushing people at my shows," Lorde started off. "If you come to my shows, you know it's like an hour and a half of all of us singing and screaming together," she clarified, revealing that the shushing only ever happens during "one song, a couple of times" because typically during the track she sings "a cappella and/or off the microphone." But she did admit that it was a "dramatic a** move" Lorde explained, "I would put my mic down and walk all over the stage and sing the song. I was 19, y'know — very dramatic, a lot of feelings." We can't help but wonder if these days her fans would be allowed to sing at her gigs...

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