Mom Shares Hilarious Trick to Keep Kids in Bed


| LAST UPDATE 02/04/2022

By Dina Wu
funny viral mom bedtime
Instagram via @maripena.etc

Moms on social media have been laughing - and maybe even benefitting! - from this blogger's hilarious hack she uses to keep her children from getting out of bed every night. Here's what to know.

Mom of 2, Taylor, initially posted the TikTok video for her followers to enjoy, and it has since reached an audience of more than 11 million views! In the viral video, she reveals the trick she uses to prevent her sons, 5-year-old Bentley and his younger brother Caydin, 3, from leaving their room after being tucked into bed. In the video, Taylor is seen filming the door to the bedroom the two boys share, in front of which she has placed a large plastic goose. The text over the video hilariously reads, "Tip #317: how to use a plastic goose to keep your toddlers in bed." Here's a little peek at how this mom recommends teaching children to behave after bedtime:

@taytertot95 Follow me for more parenting hacks. #fyp #fypシ #parentingtips #parentinghacks #bedtime ♬ original sound - taylor
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When one of her sons tried to leave the room, he was faced with the apparently spooky-looking bird that's blocking the doorway. When he spotted the bird, the boy yelled and quickly closed the door, leaving Taylor, who filmed the incident, chuckling behind the camera. The video has gained around 1.5 million likes and 8,886 comments since it was posted. But there's more fun where that came from! "Follow me for more parenting hacks," she added. Seeing her clever parenting methods, we can definitely see why parents on TikTok would get a kick out of her videos!

funny viral mom tiktok
Instagram via @ellieharrietm

The comments section of the video was filled with reactions by TikTok users who found the video quite hilarious. One person sympathized with the kid, writing, "I'm 22 and I'd react the same way," with a ROFL emoji. Another user agreed, saying the tactic "would work on [them] at 28." LOL. A few other people joked about the long-term impact of it. One hilarious comment, which was liked by the creator, read, "You just win 'Who's going to retirement home.' Another person joked, "In therapy: it all started when I saw it...The goose." Although we definitely hope these kids get over their fear of plastic geese, we can't help but agree that this TikTok mom certainly deserves an award for her sense of humor!

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