How Megan Stalter Is Changing the Comedy Game


| LAST UPDATE 11/18/2021

By Danielle Mejia
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Long gone are the days of men dominating the comedy industry. And thanks to fresh new faces like Megan Stalter, the genre is much funnier and much more queer-friendly.

The millennial comedian was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and had a passion for acting and making people laugh from early on. After giving college a shot, the eager creative decided to give comedy her everything and moved to Chicago and later New York to pursue her life's passion. And thank goodness she did because Megan has been making us laugh ever since she popped up on the radar.

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Instagram via @megsstalter

Just two years ago, New York Magazine listed her as one of the "comedians you should and will know in 2019," sealing the deal for her rise to success. But it wasn't just luck; fans really relate to Megan and her down-to-earth comedy style. The accomplished comedian recently sat down with People to talk about all things career and representation.

queer representation comedy
Instagram via @megsstalter

From her dig at businesses' cringy Pride Month advertisements to her hilarious acting in HBO Max's Hacks series, Stalter has certainly made a name for herself out of getting laughs and just truly being herself. "I feel like all the characters are at least a little bit [me]," Megan explained during her interview. And as the young star aims to bring more queer characters to the forefront of comedy, she's constantly reminded of those who came before her.

"Seeing Ilana on Broad City be this bi woman who also dates different - I never saw a character like that growing up on TV," Stalter explained. "We're so starved of it." And while Megan knows personally that queer storylines can involve some heavy emotions, she also wants to celebrate the humor and beauty of the community. "I also want to see queer characters that are just living their lives," the Hacks star continued to share.

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queer friendly comedian stalter
Instagram via @megsstalter

And lucky for us, Megan has absolutely no plans to slow down anytime soon. So whether it's season two of Hacks or whatever's next on her horizon, we can't wait! Be sure to check back for more stories of inspiring women in Hollywood changing the game!