Are Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson Half-Brothers?


| LAST UPDATE 04/18/2023

By Rylee Wise
McConaughey Woody Harrelson Brothers
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Could it be true? Can Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson be long-lost brothers? The True Detective co-stars and good friends are seriously considering taking a DNA test after discovering some astounding information about their parents.

Even though both Harrelson and McConaughey already have two brothers each, why not also have each other as brothers? The two are as close as brothers, anyways! From starring together on screen in the True Detective series to their leading roles in the iconic '90s rom-com, EDtv, Harrelson, and McConaughey are the acting duo we never knew we needed. But besides their professional career, the Texas-born actors have a close personal relationships as well. "You know, where I start and where he ends, and where he starts and I end, has always been like a murky line," the Lincoln Lawyer actor shared. "And that's part of our bromance, right? My kids call him Uncle Woody. His kids call me Uncle Matthew. And you see pictures of us and my family thinks a lot of pictures of him are me. His family thinks a lot of pictures of me are him." We totally see it!

Matthew McConaughey Woody Harrelson
 Gary Miller via Getty Images
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In a recent interview with Kelly Ripa on her podcast, Let's Talk Off Camera, the Dallas Buyers Club star shared he found out from his mother on a family trip to Greece that she once knew Harrelson's father, potentially as more than just friends. "In Greece a few years ago, we're sitting around talking about how close we are and our families. And my mom is there, and she says, 'Woody, I knew your dad.' Everyone was aware of the ellipses that my mom left after 'knew.' It was a loaded K-N-E-W." So, the actors decided to do some digging and "unpack what this 'knew' meant." They found out that Harrelson's dad was on furlough the same time his potential half-brother's parents were going through their second divorce. The clues pointed to "places out in west Texas where there might have been a gathering, or a meeting, or a 'knew' moment."

In light of this possible life-changing news, Harrelson and McConaughey are still deciding on whether or not to take a DNA test. Regardless, the Hollywood duo are scheduled to play fictionalized versions of themselves living on a ranch in Texas in an upcoming Apple TV+ show, Brother from Another Mother.

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