Mariah Carey Hilariously Re-Enacts ‘Honey’ Music Video


| LAST UPDATE 09/19/2022

By Dayna Hanson
Mariah Carey Smiling Posing
Noam Galai/Contributor via Getty Images

Mariah Carey is a superstar, the queen of Christmas, and now it will be easy to add comedian extraordinaire to her list of achievements. In honor of the 25th anniversary of her album Butterfly, she is pulling out all the stops. While she may not have a stand-up special coming out, she stars in a hilarious re-enactment of her famous music video with the help of a few special guests.

Posted on her official TikTok page, Mariah Carey sits in her makeup chair in a complete cheetah pajama outfit. Posters of herself decorate the walls behind her. It all feels exactly like what one would expect from Carey’s home. Then, Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown comes into the frame. She is lip-syncing along with the opening dialogue of the 1997 “Honey” music video, which was set in a mansion as Mariah Carey, known in the music video as Agent M, was attempting to escape from the bad guys. Then, the scene continues, and even more friends join in on the fun! Brown’s boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi, and Carey’s boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, play more of the mobsters keeping Agent M detained in the James Bond-inspired music video.

Mariah Carey Twins Family
@mariahcarey via Instagram
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The hilarity ensues when Carey’s twins, Moroccan and Monroe, join in. They seem to have a future in entertainment with how theatrical and entertaining they were. It makes sense since Dad is also music, radio, and TV star, Nick Cannon. Then, Carey joins in with her kids as they say the last lines of the intro, “You gon die.” The devil is in the details. Instead of being handcuffed like in the original video, Carey is holding a gold chain in her hands instead of being shackled. “Honey” was the lead single from her album Butterfly. It was released on Sept. 16, 1997, and stayed at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks after being released.

The '90s nostalgia does not stop there! Carey announced she will also be releasing new remixes, live performances, acapellas, and a brand-new version of her song “The Roof” in honor of Butterfly’s anniversary. She hinted that there more will be coming. Stay tuned as the powerhouse singer continues to celebrate this significant milestone achievement in her career.

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