Lizzo Dominates the ‘SNL’ Stage, One Laugh at a Time


| LAST UPDATE 04/19/2022

By Danielle Mejia
lizzo snl hosting debut
Steven Ferdman via Getty Images

If there's anything that we love, it's Lizzo and funny celebrity moments. And thanks to Lizzo's hilarious sense of humor, we often get two birds with one stone - and last week's Saturday Night Live episode was no exception...

The Grammy Award-winning artist took the famous New York stage on April 16th as both host and musical guest, and gave fans a 10/10 performance in both categories. Starting with her hosting responsibilities, Lizzo greeted cheering fans and began her opening monologue, which left audience members in stitches. "My name is Lizzo," she opened with. "And yes, I'm shocked I have clothes on too." The Truth Hurts singer went on to hype the crowd up for the show ahead, promising big laughs and record-breaking cursing. And, for regular viewers of the NBC sketch show, audience laughter is always the goal. But Lizzo took things in a different direction by cracking some chuckles herself. Known in the biz as "breaking," the singer couldn't hold in her laughter as the night continued, and it only made audiences laugh more...

snl lizzo viral clip
Instagram via @nbcsnl
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Things took a turn for the funny during a sketch where Lizzo and Andrew Dismukes play a married couple that risked their whole life's savings on Beanie Babies. But to their dismay, their friends informed them that the plush toys from the 90s were essentially worthless - prompting a serious meltdown. You can hear Lizzo stifling her laughter in the background as Dismukes throws a glass cabinet to the ground in dismay. But even with that little slip-up, Lizzo's sketch appearances were some of the season's best so far, including a comedic look back at the Black Eyed Peas 2008 tracks and so many more! And if you're like us and want to relive some of these LOL-worthy moments all over again, then we recommend heading over to Saturday Night Live's Instagram page, where you can find reels from the episode dedicated to all things Lizzo. From opening monologue (including rehashing her, um, Chris Evans DM exchange) to musical performances and hilarious sketches, there's no shortage of funny content to get you through the day.

But to get you started, here's a look at just one of the viral videos that's making us laugh. Safe to say, Lizzo slayed that stage. Be sure to check back soon for more hilarious content!

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