Lizzo Has Hilarious Clapback for Her Haters


| LAST UPDATE 06/07/2022

By Danielle Mejia
funny lizzo viral tweet
Anna Webber / Stringer via Getty Images

TBH you guys, Lizzo is a whole different kind of triple threat. We're not talking about the traditional singing, dancing, and acting - we're talking about singing, flute skills, and bringing major laughs! From hilarious TikToks to her iconic appearance on Saturday Night Live, this artist is no stranger to LOL-worthy content, and she used her Twitter account to share some more gold.

But in true Lizzo fashion, this wasn't just a pointless "knock, knock" joke - it had some important undertones about self-love and not letting anyone make you the punchline of an insult. It all kicked off on Instagram when the About Damn Time singer started to notice that some men were using her name as an insult to degrade other women. It didn't take long for the inspiring singer to jump into action to defend both herself and the other women getting hated on in a seriously hilarious way. And let's just say we weren't the only ones seriously obsessed with the tweet because it raked in a casual 100,000+ likes in just a couple of days!

lizzo viral post haters
Cindy Ord / Staff via Getty Images
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"Dudes be ugly w no ******* talking about "oK LiZzO" as an insult in girls comments," the unimpressed singer clapped back on Twitter. "I'm beautiful rich & get immaculate ****... ISSA COMPLIMENT." And just like that, the trollers' rude comments went from insult to praise just like that! While there will always, unfortunately, be haters out there, it looks like we can always count on our girl Lizzo to be there to shut them down with an iconic clap back. "Girl go offffff yesssss. Speaking the truth. You're an inspiration," one impressed Lizzo fan replied back to the viral tweet. And we couldn't agree more!

We're sending major love Lizzo's way as usual and can't wait to see what hilarious words come out of her mouth next. So, be sure to check back soon for more LOL-worthy moments from your favorite celebs!

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