Lady Gaga Fans Joke About “Invisible Shield” Protecting Her


| LAST UPDATE 07/29/2022

By Zoe Browning
lady gaga tour viral
Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

The long-anticipated Chromatica Ball finally started on July 17th. This will mark Lady Gaga's 6th headlining tour, and we have no doubt it will live up to the singer's past performances. Even just more than one week in, and her show had already made headlines... but not exactly for her singing. Here's what happened...

A fan that attended one of the concerts was filming when all of a sudden, another audience member threw something up onstage toward Gaga. But before the object was able to hit the singer, a seemingly invincible shield blocked it. Yeah... we know that sounds impossible, right? But yet still, that is what our eyes are seeing when we watch the now-viral video on Twitter. "CONFIRMED: Gaga has an invisible force field that protects her from dangerous objects as shown in the video," the caption teased. 

chromatica ball lady gaga
@ladygaga via Instagram
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Of course, people were bewildered and amazed at how this could have happened. And since the singer has long been the center of many conspiracy theories, fans immediately blamed the incident on said theories. "She's an icon, renewed her contract with Illuminati," one person joked. "So scary and cool at the same time," another explained, and honesty, we are probably all thinking that. Because while it may be fascinating, how was the object able to be stopped in mid-air?? "Queen of invisible force fields," another Twitter user wrote. 

While most of the responses to the performance were just jokes, some fans quickly defended Gaga. One person argued that the singer should be protected from the audience throwing things at her, and her fans shouldn't so quickly link her with conspiracy groups. "To all y'all who are confused… So, y'all WANT the audience to be able to propel objects at her while she's performing?? So she can't have boundaries from the crazies who think that throwing things at performers is okay? And because of that, you demonized her? Illuminati?" Either way, the odd video still remains a mystery! But we like to think that the Mother Monster secretly has magical powers. LOL. Stay tuned for updates about the rest of Gaga's tour. 

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