Kylie and Ricciardo's Hilarious Hit-Fueled Chat


| LAST UPDATE 06/05/2023

By Dina Wu
Kylie Minogue Daniel Ricciardo
Oracle Red Bull Racing via YouTube

Pop music icon Kylie Minogue, recently had a hilarious encounter with Aussie racing driver, Daniel Ricciardo, ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix. The interview was posted on Red Bull Racing’s YouTube account and had us all snickering along.

Ricciardo kicked off the chat by saying, “I have been really excited to meet you today. Legitimately, just Can’t Get You Out of My Head.” To which Kylie replied with a snicker. “I Was Gonna Cancel, but On A Night Like This, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be,” Ricciardo continued, asking Kylie what she’d been up to during her visit. “I’ve been going Slow,” she joked, referencing her 2003 #1 hit. As the ridiculous questions continued, both interviewer and interviewee struggled to keep a straight face. “If you Put Yourself In My Place, how would you …” Ricciardo began before they both dissolved into laughter. “How would you handle an F1 car around here – would you be left Spinning Around?” he asked, making Kylie giggle even more. “Coming to Monaco, compared to other Grand Prix, does it feel like a Step Back In Time?” he continued, both of them in fits of giggles at this point. “This is so bad that it’s good,” he said, as Kylie tried to compose herself for long enough to answer the question. “In Your Eyes, who’s going to win the Grand Prix tomorrow?”

Kylie Minogue hilarious interview
Oracle Red Bull Racing via YouTube
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Kylie seemed to enjoy the encounter as much as we did. These two Aussies really know how to have a good time together, especially when they start quoting each other’s hits and cracking up. The hilarious encounter comes as Kylie enjoys a career renaissance with her addictive new single, Padam Padam. The song has become a surprise chart hit for Minogue, who’s transitioned into more of an albums artist over the past decade of her career.

While her last three studio albums debuted atop the charts in her home country, in recent years, her singles have struggled to make an impact in the streaming era. But there are encouraging early signs for Padam Padam, which debuted at #39 on the ARIA charts and at number 26 on the UK charts. It seems like her fans can’t get enough of Kylie's infectious tunes.

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